We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


I was always a fan of the invention exchange


I really liked the invention exchange, but I knew that it must have been a lot of work props wise for a small segment of the show. Some great bits there though.


Yeah, those were fairly memorable to me. I did enjoy the “star fighters” sequence near the top of Space Mutiny, which I’m slowly polishing off over lunch breaks.


The invention exchange was really a Joel thing, which is why it eventually died out. Did you know that before MST Joel was a prop comic who built crazy contraptions and showed them off on SNL, etc.?


Interview with Felicia Day here

Uggh, I want to like her so much but, it is so hard.

Bad movies are my favorite. I love bad movies. I actually read a study
the other day that smarter people like bad movies and I felt really
vindicated. Because I’d much rather watch a cheesy kung fu film from the
‘70s than any Oscar-winning film ever.


Do you have a few favorite episodes?
Oh man. There are so many. I have a soft spot for all the shorts, because they’re so ridiculous. I also love Manos: The Hands of Fate—Torgo is my favorite character in all of fiction.

That fails my fan test. The true answer to favorite episode is a weird one that nobody else likes, but you say is the best episode of the show. I know that “Final Sacrifice” is the best episode, but “Riding with Death” is my personal fave.

I actually got the job because I went up to Joel at a
convention to take a selfie with him just to rub it in my brother’s
face, and then we got to talking and he got to know my work and that’s
when he emailed me. So I have my brother to thank, because I just wanted
to rub his face in the fact that I met Joel and he didn’t. My brother
got me the job.

The really odd cutesy-humble-brag stuff she has going on really rubs me the wrong way, and feels phony. It just feels forced to me.


I read somewhere that they’ll have guest comics like Jerry Seinfeld on the show. I’d like to know who thought that would be a good idea.


I don’t want to be a negative nancy too much, as judgement should be withheld until we see the finished product. I hope these things are more what people are talking about, and less about the content of the show.


Yes, I totally get where you’re coming from.


I kind of feel guilty about feeling that way, because she is probably just wired that way, and an awesome person, but for some reason that feels yucky to me. I am clearly being ridiculous here, but I have always hated the twee cutesy nerdy stuff. I always kind of equated the nerdy stuff to a punk rock style culture of “you just don’t get it old man” and the mainstreamyness of it ticks off the college aged cynical kid that still resides in me that thinks all of the popular bands are sellouts etc.

Anyway, I really can’t wait to see this when it comes out. I have been watching through the backlog, and I saw Space Mutiny again for the first time in like a decade. That is such a good episode. Calgon, take me away!!!


If someone asked me, I’d probably have to name Manos too, just because it’s the only one where the name sticks with me. My own favorite was a Japanese one where this woman and maybe a couple of kids get transported to a different world. In another MST3K thread, you guys finally narrowed down what episode it was for me, but that episode isn’t available anywhere for streaming, and I certainly don’t remember the name anymore.


You actually are. I’ve met Ms. Day on several occasions, and this is just how she is. Bubbly.


Sound like Time of the Apes.

Non MST3k Trailer


Time of the Apes, and that is a personal fave of mine.


Yes! Time of the Apes. Any chance of that ever getting on Netflix? Are the rights really hard to get or something?


Oh, I know, and I have heard nothing but good things about her from people that she works with. But, for me, it is probably due to some deep seeded resentment of mine towards a certain type of personality that I found in college. Like, the kids that were preppy and popular would co-opt our nerd culture. Come to “classic game night” on the quad. We got Mario 64! While the anime club I was a part of would scoff and go back to watching episodes of death note, and continuing to be too socially awkward to have sex with eachother.

I have always kind of felt yucky about the mainstreamification of nerd culture. Probably why I abhor Big Bang Theory and love the IT Crowd. I can’t deal with cutesy, it just doesn’t feel genuine to me.


I guess I see it as “Hey, more folks are playing video games! Awesome!” So I guess I don’t share this resentment.


Man, you need to take a bit of a tall drink of a glass of cynical self-hatred. :) Maybe it is the Catholic school boy in me. Actually don’t, I am sure you are better off.

And I think it is a part of me that I fight with everyday too. I really dislike people like the old me, that just hate on stuff that is popular, but that person still in there somewhere. So, I have to say stuff like “I know I am being ridiculous” as a qualifier. He is a little weeb sitting on my shoulder going “The book was better”. When the angel on the other shoulder is saying “That was pretty good”

Anyway, another thing I am annoyed about is that a lot of press and other lucky people have already seen episodes of this. I want to see it! It is so hard to wait!


Psh, fuckin lamestream nooblets. Come back when you’ve seen some real anime!

(actually, don’t. I wouldn’t recognize any of the super niche shit even if you told me about it)


I like to think of the russian nesting doll of nerd culture one step beyond our club, and the one above that, and then the one above that, until you just have a sentient fungus that has memorized all of Douglas Adams’ books.


At least you have self awareness about it. :) Well done!