We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


Here is an excellent article penned by Son of TV’s Frank himself, Patton Oswalt

Very good explanation of how ETEWAF is the future (Everything That Ever Was—Available Forever)


The clear answer is Gamera, because he’s really neat.
(Also, he is filled with meat)


Citing Manos as a favorite to prove your bonefides as a Mistie is like claiming to be a blues fan because you have a BB King album. Somewhere.


Mitchell! (Or at least Pod People)


Guys, clearly it’s all about Space Fugitive, because he tried to kill me with a forklift. Ole!

Edit: Sorry, Fugitive Alien. My brain always crosses the title with Space Mutiny.


That’s Fugitive Alien, one of my favorites for sure. I also am a Pod People person.




Fugitive Alien would be my pick for favorite episode, followed by Gamera vs. Guiron, which was one of my unironically favorite movies when i was the same age as the protagonists.


I know Brian linked it above, but it deserves to be watched again.


Apparently the rights holders in Japan were so incensed by the MST3k versions that they pulled the rights for those to air soon after they were broadcasted. That’s happened for various reasons to a number of episodes, including Gorgo (ie. British Godzilla), which IIRC only aired once.

— Alan


That is so very sad!


I know that Sandy Frank! Sandy Frank! was particularly pissed off about it.


He definitely wasn’t a fan of the song.

— Alan


Final Justice might be my personal favorite, if only for the ending and credits: https://youtu.be/2BysG97B5YM


Watched the backer preview and I’m happy to report it’s good! Going to take a bit to adjust to the changes but overall it feels like MST3k, there are some solid jokes, and a great song too.


Yeah, the musical number could have been embarrassing, but turned out great!

Overall, I liked it a lot. And the bits that weren’t so great are the kinds of things that I think will improve with practice: puppeteering, vocal distinction in the theater, timing of jokes (I think the joke track was a little ahead of the movie most of the time?).

I’ll miss the old Gypsy, too, although I understand why they did what they did.


Cool, thanks for the impressions.



Holy shit, guys, we have 14 new episodes of Mystery Science Theater…


Mrs. tgb never watched the original, and I doubt it would be her cup of meat anyway. I plan to dive in tomorrow when she;s at work.


Oh man, when will I find time to watch these? But I must!

edit: holy crap, just noticed Starcrash is on this season! I actually saw that in a theater when I was a kid!