We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


How horrible this is.


Actually, I might watch the movie segments because the writing staff is talented, but Jesus what a host crew. It’s like they supercharged the horrible horseshit that was Pearl.


Really? Even Patton is terrible?


The only member of the crowd I don’t consider horrible.


Aw man. OK, I have to find out - I’m working from home today, I’ll pop one on to play in the background.


Hey, seriously, don’t listen to me as people seem to love this. I just have some serious issues with a lot of shit involving Joel Hodgson and his crew after MST3K.


Jonah Ray seemed fine in the first one.


Got my first good laugh out of Reptilicus - didnt’ expect to see Gypsy drop into the frame and get in on the action, but when a character walks to his office and removes his hat and puts it on a filing cabinet, she says “Now you’re Mister filing cabinet!”


What? Every Country has a Monster is a top tier song IMO


I literally just saw that part, and I must agree. That’s a good song.


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Bad movies are my favorite. I love bad movies. I actually read a study
the other day that smarter people like bad movies and I felt really
vindicated. Because I’d much rather watch a cheesy kung fu film from the
‘70s than any Oscar-winning film ever.


Yikes. I’ve never seen anything of hers that’s actually any good. The closest was that WoW shit, but it was pretty generic nerd humor.


Also, I finally know where this gif I have had for years came from -


The host segments were never really an attraction for me and most of the time I’d generally skip them, especially in the latter years. Reading the Wired oral history of MST3k just reinforces the idea that they really hated it, though it’s interesting to note that while Joel left the show because of the oft-said “I want to do my own thing” (paraphrase), it was the result of a power struggle between him and Jim Mallon, and Mallon does not come off looking too great overall. I suppose they reconciled slightly as Mallon sold the rights to create more episodes to Joel and Shout Factory for the purpose of the revival show (which may show at least he wanted to make some money).

— Alan


I watched the first half hour and it was better than I expected. I was afraid there was going to be too much time spent setting up the premise, but in hindsight I suppose that’s not necessary. I doubt there are lot of people coming into the show blind.

And yeah, Felicia Day is just as awful as I feared she’d be, as much as I enjoy the invention exchange. Also Reptilicus is a movie I have fond memories of enjoying as a kid, and probably doesn’t really deserve the MST treatment. Then again, neither did This Island Earth


I can’t stop watching this.


it’s like a Dangerfield take or something. It’s kind of entrancing.


Wow, I just watched that trailer for the first time. It looks fucking AWFUL.


Halfway through the first ep and it’s pretty good. As mentioned above, the song is great.msome pretty good one-liners too.

Personal fave:

“I had all the time in the world” @axisandallies


Going to watch episode one tonight. I watched the intro, and the first few minutes of the movie. Seems OK so far. I loved the miniatures work. Disliked the needless cameos… Which I am sure there will be more of… But I think it is looking OK. Jonah and the bots seem great, and that is the core of the show.


So are you just in this thread to shit it up or what?