We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


I liked the first episode and it’s the only one I’ve watched so far, but the consensus from most that watched the early release is that the followup episodes are stronger.


Yeah, my bad. I’ll have to remember to be super positive about everything from now on.


Hey, I like MST3k, like the new show, and yet I agree the trailer was awful.


No, sorry it’s not that simple. You are bouncing in here at release, not having watched the new episodes apparenty, generally shitting on the idea and all attached and commenting on weeks old posts.


So would you like to tell me how it’s not that simple? Work it out long-form for me? Desslock resurrected a 13 year old post earlier in this forum. I had no idea that there was a statute of limitations on posts I missed.


Two episodes in! Watched “Cry Wilderness” last night. Lots of chuckles. I felt there was a big step up from the pilot in the consistency of the vocal work from Crow and Tom, as well as the all around rhythm of the delivery from everybody, in case anyone was wondering if the pilot episode felt a little rocky.

I’m very happy to have this stupid show back!

What does Gypsy keep dropping off in the theater?


OK, I’m done.


Was probably this part… not sure what this is all about.

— Alan


I’m amazingly, intensely let down and disappointed by Joel Hodgson and the cast he put together. I’ve gone over this a lot on my twitter, but had never seen the thread here. I wrote some posts as I honestly hadn’t seen the trailer and was commenting on how I felt.

The new MST3K, much like Felicia Day, can’t be criticized or disliked without super hard feelings or accusations of misogyny (for Day, of course).

That said, I do like the writing crew he assembled and I’m sure the actual riffs are funny. I’m just in a weird place with this.


Hey man, that’s harsh. I don’t share Jason’s opinion of the reboot (at least so far, with one episode under me belt) but there’s no reason he shouldn’t have a venue to voice what he thinks.


Because Felicia Day? Or more than that?

I like Patton Oswalt, though he didn’t have much to do in the first episode. Erin Gray is a nice bit of nostalgia. Jonah seems…okay. I have mixed feelings about Wheaton. A little tends to go a long way, so that might work great here. I feel like Day should stop trying to be sinister and the whole opening had a strange Rocky Horror vibe with all the extras, but overall it did feel like MST3K to me.


That’s who that was! It was eating at me.


I don’t blame Forge for getting mad at me, I’m being difficult. It’s all good.


I’m reluctantly in. I have reservations but nothing at this point beyond purely instinctive defensiveness of my precious MST3K.

Didn’t realize that we would have our first African American Tom Servo.


Wasn’t a massive fan originally but watched a fair share. I’m sure for some fans the somewhat new take may not quite work but it mostly felt the same. The core of the snarky riffing is still there. Just like the original most jokes work IMO while some not so much. This certainly isn’t meant to be a binge show but it will stay on my list where I can fire up,an episode once in awhile for a fun change of pace.

Will say while watching the first one it dawned on me I had watched this movie before as a kid many moons ago.


“Hey Jonah, what’s a radio?”

“It’s like a podcast you can’t control.”



I like the new series! Even the parts that are really lame are still endearing in their own way. Definitely prefer the movie commentary over the skits. And there are some great lines in there.

“It’s been a hard day’s Reptilicus” and “Can’t buy me Reptilicus” were great. And I couldn’t help but laugh at every single “Bang!” in the second episode.


There’s Wil Wheaton? Oh God. I hate Wil Wheaton.

Watched a quick riff for Stranger Things, I s funny enough but I don’t like Toms voice at all. Jonah is no mike or Joel. Crow is ok, the closest by far.


He and Erin Gray work for Gizmonic Institute.


He makes a brief cameo for like two minutes, but you know THE SHOW IS RUINED!