We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


I haven’t checked, but i thought the vocals on the opening sounded awfully similar to the original. Oh, and, watch out for snakes.


We’re going through the first episode now. Really loving it. The monster song was adorable.


Thinking about it a bit more, the part I’m having the most difficulty adjusting to might just be hearing recent references in the jokes.


It’s Har Mar Superstar. You can see him singing in part of the credits sequence.


The last ~25 minutes of Beast of Hollow Mountain are pure gold.


Watching the first episode. I found the opening interesting. The thing is I remember watching Reptilicus as a young child and finding it really scary and cool. I’m old. One thing that I did get from the new show. I really want to watch the old Joel episodes again.


Absolutely. It wasn’t all hits all the time.


I was wondering about the bumpers as well. It’s almost as if the folks at Netlflix plan to sell it to commercial TV at some point.

I agree that the riffing in markedly improved with this episode, but also put me in the camp that doesn’t care for the new Gypsy.


This is so true. You go back into those old episodes and there are so many jokes that don’t land. It is a potpourri of references. Some episodes might just work for more people than others. Like, you got some of the references more than others, so you like the episode more.

Which is why I think that no two top 10s can ever be the same, for true fans.


I just figured the commercial bumpers were a homage to the original show, which was on network TV and had them. I actually love that they were included.


Yeah, I think Joel said something in an interview or Kickstarter update I read that the bumpers are there because they just felt right for the pacing of the show. I think there’s something to that. Those would be some long theater segments without them. And since I love hearing the various tunes and Max’s comments on each one, I find these enjoyable little things.


Time Travelers was a lot of fun. My favorite of the first three, though the single best moment goes to the monster song from ep1.


My biggest disappointment with the new season so far: it took until 56 minutes into Avalanche before there was a Bruce Vilanch pun.


I finished Reptilicus. Gods, that was so good. They were just right on my frequency with nearly all of the jokes, which rarely every happens in MST3K.

I’m so happy this show is back.

Yeah, I only watched one Rifftrax (TMNT), but it was pretty terrible so I gave up on it after that. But yes, that was my biggest complaint too. They talked over the movie’s dialog all the time. I think in that aspect it also helps to be watching an older movie like Reptilicus, since there’s a lot more pauses between the dialog. A lot more spaces to insert jokes without talking over movie dialog.

“Every country has a monster they’re afraid of…”


Now that they have a super-heavy effects budget Tom Servo can fly around the screen annoyingly during a movie singing a song. I think it gets a little annoying (basically I went directly to Star Crash). Noticed at least one call back joke from early MST3k days but can’t at the moment remember what it is.

— Alan


For some reason, Tom said he can only hover in the theater. It was a bit weird at first but I liked it.

My question is, what is Gypsy moving about when she comes into the theater? It looks like a briefcase.


Well, Tom can’t hover to get into the theater originally because there’s an air grate in the entrance and he can’t hover over it. That’s why he always has to be carried.

— Alan


I seem to remember a bit in one of the original episodes where they finally let Gypsy in to riff on whatever movie it was, and everything she came up with was really lame.

I much prefer that to Gypsy 2.0


Heh, yeah, I remember Gypsy coming in in the original series.

Gypsy was originally kind of… slow? With a ridiculous voice.

For some reason they’ve made her into a normal character now. I don’t really care that much anyhow, as she was always pretty minor compared to other characters.


On the original series they eventually explained that the only reason Gypsy was “slow” that she was using most of her processing power to run the ship.

(There’s a whole weird subtext on the original show where the guys are basically kids screwing around and Gypsy is the responsible Mom of the family, who they consider to be lame until they find out what she actually does for them every day. And of course it was Gypsy who rescued Mike at the end of the original series.)