We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


Joel has said that while they sort of explained Gypsy appearing a bit dim in the past because she was so preoccupied running the ship, they were still kind of uncomfortable with the idea of the only female bot being voiced by a man and acting dim, so they changed it this season.


Eh, that’s fine I guess. I never really thought of it as “Gypsy’s dumb cause she’s a girl!”

But in the new thing, it’s kind of weird, since she’s not present, and then just pops in randomly to give one line, and then leaves.


I like that she literally drops in, says something and is gone again. It kind of shakes up the formula we’ve gotten used to. I also like to think she’s dropping off a bucket of fish for reasons known only to herself.


It’s for the shark tank Kinga had installed on the left side of the theater, by the emergency exit, you see.


Ahgahahahaha wait seriously? That’s awesome and amazing and I love it if it’s true.


Oh, sorry, no, I was just playing off of divedivedive’s funny little imagined theory :)


It’s canon til proven otherwise.


See my previous comment. I was pretty sure it’s a reference to an animated PSA that used to run before movies in British (and American?) cinemas, warning you about thieves. There was a snake which came down and reappeared with umbrellas and handbags and things hanging off it. I might be reading too much into it though.


Oh, I’m sorry I missed that GY, but it makes perfect sense.


Weirdly there doesn’t seem to be a clip of it online, despite all of the other stuff from that era (Kia Ora! Um Bongo! Other culturally dubious adverts!) being on Youtube.


Just finished Wizards of the Lost Kingdom. Despite the occasional modern reference (“The night Tinder was born”) most of the lines in the series are firmly aimed at my generation (“Mucho mas Macchios!”)

So are the movies - we haven’t gotten past the 80s. Which is kind of a shame, since there’s plenty from the 90s worth MST3King.


Just watched avalanche and it was good. The travel advisor ratings at the end cracked me up.


I watched “Cry Wilderness” up to the first commercial break last night.

On the old show, I would usually really enjoy one or two movies a season, and the others were just okay or kind of boring. So after Reptilicus, I honestly didn’t expect another hilarious movie as a follow up. But so far Cry Wilderness is fucking brilliant. When they cut to the seeming random images of animals, I was dying. The riffs in this are once again so funny.


Cry Wilderness was amazingly batshit. Can’t wait to watch the rest.


I looked it up, that eagle that the weird native american guy had…

African Fish Eagle, the most sacred and native bird in the cascade mountain region. Named after the prey it catches.


Somehow mixing “fish” with “eagle” takes the majesty out of the entire title, I think.


Is Cry Wilderness dubbed from a different language? The audio doesn’t seem to sync up with lip movement in most of the scenes. Maybe it’s just bad audio editing.


They make a joke about that, how that young paul will learn that adults have to know about dubbing when they grow up.

I suspect that they did not have good mics on anyone but the kid, so in a lot of scenes, they had to dub over the dialogue of the adults. It isn’t bad editing as much as it is they did a really bad job getting audio filmed correctly. Maybe they lost the tapes?


I’m halfway through the season and as an old-time MST3k fan, and longtime Rifftrax fan, my take is “This is the best MST3K series thus far.” The writing in particular is super-strong.

They nailed it.

EDIT: Actually, I do have one complaint: Tom Servo’s and Jonah’s voice aren’t distinct enough for me - if I’m not looking at their silhouettes, I often can’t tell who is saying what. Crow’s voice I have dialed in on at this point though.


I think it’s CamBot? I’m basing this on the cambot introduction in the show open, where Jonah picks up something that looks rectangular when they say ‘CamBot’