We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


They just announced to kickstarter backers that they’ll be doing a live touring show. Oh look! Dates are on their website.


Carnival Magic you guys. Holy shit.

Great cameo though.


My favourite bit: the punters supposedly failing to bend the “steel bar”, but still visibly bending it.


But Gus can bend it more. And you’re Gus!

Out of everything, that’s what going to stick with me from the series.


I finished the third episode (The Time Traveler’s). That was another one that had the potential to be a great movie, and then it just didn’t go anywhere at the end. So for most of the movie, this was one that I probably could have enjoyed even without the riffs. But by the end I was really glad for the riffs, because I would have hated this movie because of the ending otherwise. 200th Episode of MST3K though apparently. That’s nice.


Apparently MST3K abridged the ending, so it’s a bit unfair to judge it on that.


Caught part of a season 4 ep on Comet last night, “The Indestructible Man”


Oh really? I didn’t know they did that to movies. That does seem unfair. Is it just this movie that they did that to, or is it a regular practice to mess with the original movie that they’re watching?


They have to make them fit for time somehow.


Back in the day they did it to make everything fit into a two-hour on-air timeslot. I have no idea why they did it for the Netflix series, though.


Yeah, I’m not a fan of the practice. If I’m watching a shitty movie, I want to see its full awfulness.


I knew they did it for MST3K:The Movie but didn’t realize it ws a regular practice.


Invasion of the Neptune Men was edited for violence. Apparently the director thought it would be a good idea to use actual bombing footage from World War II. They left some in, which explains the random image of the “Hitler building” blowing up. What was cut out must have been horrific based on the absolute diatribe Corbett wrote on the MST3K site at the time.


Wrapped up the season. Hope they get another one!

Also, pretty sure Mike Nelson reprises his role as an observer during that last episode, if you’re in to spotting the old cast cameos. (Not credited, if so.)


I got seriously bogged down in the second Wizards of… the… Lost… Kingdom? Did I get that right? Holy crap, those are STINKERS. The combat choreography is mind bogglingly bad. The way the big bad guy at the end was killed was literally unbelievable. Unbelievable.


We stalled at Carnival Magic. We’ll go back, but my god, even with the riffs it was nigh unwatchable


The crazy thing is the writers have to straight up watch these over many times to come up,with the jokes. Yea they get paid but that would test most people’s sanity after enough times.


Deep hurting.


No joke, we needed weeks to get over Carnival Magic. Now we’re watching this Christmas movie, which is terrible but not Carnival Magic terrible.


Just finished this. “DEAR TRIPADVISOR…”