We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


Oh hey, classic episodes airing on Twitch now:


Went to the live show in Chicago, the second one. My son, a friend of his, and me; we all really enjoyed it. They have only seen 1 MST3K episode (a Christmas one with Santa and the devil and made in Mexico).

We really enjoyed the live show. The Patton Oswald stuff was pre-filmed but the rest was live.
Joel came out and answered questions for 20 minutes as they were waiting for people to enter.


Ugh, I was so sad I missed the pre-show questions! I gave myself 2 hours to get to downtown Denver and get dinner with my kids, who went with me. Unusually bad traffic left us scrambling, eating on our feet, and sitting down in our seats just as the hosts came out to start the show.

It was real good! The acoustics where we were in the theater made it so sometimes the movie and riff audio got muddle with each other. Man, I forgot about the creepy dad-shaving scene in this movie, and the dune buggy driving! My favorite jokes were about the “radio oven.”

Also, the woman who plays clone-Pearl was allowed to break out of that role and was a delightful surprise.


I just finished Avalanche. The movie itself was so bad. But the riffing was so good. I can’t believe they got famous actors to be in this shitty movie.


Disaster movies were HUGE at the time, so everyone was in them.


You know, I watched that with my son. We never did finish the season. Now he’s a couple of states away starting the semester tomorrow. Kinda makes me sad we didn’t get to finish, but we are hoping to play some Destiny beta tomorrow.


I still have a few episodes left. I am a huge MST fan all the way back to season 1, but this one just didn’t recapture the magic for me. It all felt a bit forced. The cast didn’t really gel. Good, but not great. To be honest, I’ve gotten much bigger laughs out of the occasional rifftrax.

Hopefully they get a second season. It may all come together.


I’ve watched about half of Beast of Hollow Mountain. At first even the crew couldn’t save this movie. It’s so slow and meandering and pointless. And they did make fun of that, but that’s still just made it barely tolerable. But then… it keeps going being slow and meandering and pointless, and I’m over halfway through and there’s still no beast of hollow mountain, and we haven’t even been to the mountain yet. But the whole subplot of the American flirting with that lady, and her fiance getting super jealous, I’m kind of loving it now. All the jokes are clicking now, and the movie is kind of kicking ass even without the jokes.


Wait for it, the payoff is great.


So, so God damned great. Just muscle through, Rock8.


I do wish they had the money to afford the rights to some big newer but terrible movies. Love to watch them trash an AvP or Transformers movie.


Check out rifftrax.


Many years ago, I decided to check out the Lost pilot for the first time, under the influence of Rifftrax. I’d had no prior exposure to the show and hadn’t researched it much beforehand. Best way to start a show ever.


Oh man, you guys weren’t kidding. The last 15 minutes of Beast of Hollow Mountain are totally worth sitting through the whole movie for. So good.


TV’s Frank is the guest on Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast this week.


It’s been renewed!


Excellent! I watched the start of the Turkey Day marathon and popped in a couple of times later, assuming they’d announce the renewal at the start, or at least tease a big announcement coming later. Nope, no hype at all. So I went on with my day, assuming the worst and that there would be no season 2. I guess they saved the news for the very end of the marathon.

… Joel can be too laid back for his own good sometimes.


That’s great news.

I continue to make my way through the excellent Season 1. Currently I’m on Starcrash. I hoping to get through that this weekend, if time allows.


Oh my god, Starcrash is so horrible. I can’t believe Christopher Plummer was in this piece of trash.

You know, I always wondered why Star Wars being such a huge success didn’t spawn more clones. I guess it did, and I just never heard about them.

The main actress was clearly not hired for her acting ability, but for her hot body. And boy, do they exploit that. The funniest moment in the movie for me so far is when she goes to prison and they change her into sexy lingerie (as per the MST3K comments). And then later they go through hyperspace and the guys are like “wait, did she lose more clothes during hyperspace?” And she did!!! She was wearing even less after hyperspace.


I think I laughed harder at that than anything else in that episode.