We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


Starcrash is wonderful, I remember my grandmother took me to see it in an actual movie theater when I was very little! I think I loved the cowboy sheriff robot the best.


I don’t think I could sit through all these horrible movies, even with the constant added one-liners.


Horrible movies are great. It’s the mediocre ones I can’t sit through.


I finished Starcrash. It has a couple of stars show up later in the movie that I won’t spoil.

Another movie with absolutely wonderful comedy by the Mike and the robots. They are just on fire.

Up next: The Land That Time Forgot.


Jonah and the bots. Mike was between Joel and Jonah.


Apologies to Jonah! I’m not used to him yet. He’s definitely better than Mike.