We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


Starcrash is wonderful, I remember my grandmother took me to see it in an actual movie theater when I was very little! I think I loved the cowboy sheriff robot the best.


I don’t think I could sit through all these horrible movies, even with the constant added one-liners.


Horrible movies are great. It’s the mediocre ones I can’t sit through.


I finished Starcrash. It has a couple of stars show up later in the movie that I won’t spoil.

Another movie with absolutely wonderful comedy by the Mike and the robots. They are just on fire.

Up next: The Land That Time Forgot.


Jonah and the bots. Mike was between Joel and Jonah.


Apologies to Jonah! I’m not used to him yet. He’s definitely better than Mike.


Season 2 of Netflix MST3K returns on … wait for it … Turkey Day:


I’m still making my way through the first season. I watched some more of the Land that Time Forgot. I got to the part where they have the caveman/native as a guide. You know with the plot details like American POWs taking over a german uboat and all that, this one actually has lots of interesting plot turns. But it’s amazing that they without the MST3K jokes, they managed to make this movie so boring.


So the new MST3K crew is doing a live tour, featuring Joel! If anyone’s in SF and interested I have three extra tickets for tomorrow night at 8pm at the Warfield. I’ll be there but the others dropped out at the last minute. Face value is $55, selling for $40 - let me know if you’re interested!


I saw their show in DC last month and it was great. Definitely worth the price of admission if you’re a fan.


What do they do? Watch a movie live in front of the audience and riff on it?


I went to the Seattle show and it was fun, but not spectacular. Yes, it’s just a watching a movie with live riffing and some “host segment” breaks sprinkled in. The Canadian sci-fi movie The Brain was a good riff candidate, but I just felt like it wasn’t as good as when I saw Cinematic Titanic.

There’s a new season of 6 episodes debuting on Thanksgiving, and they’ve said that the fewer episodes are meant to align with the “binge watching” nature of Netflix, and it’s even a plot point within the show. Personally, I was very happy to watch the last Netflix season once a week; it gave me something to look forward to and became a fun, short-lived tradition. Did anyone enjoy marathoning these last year?


I’m currently stalled out on Loves of Hercules, I think it’s called. It’s just soooooo bad. I mean, of course, the riffs are great, but when the underlying movie is so bad, it hurts me to keep watching, so I can only take it in very small doses.


We stalled out on the monkey/circus movie last year our own selves.


Circus Magic was a slog. Probably I’m just old, but I wasn’t really able to just sit and watch the entire episodes without something else available to occupy me during slow moments. Like, whiskey, or a video game.


What was your impression of the audio? I was up on the 1st balcony and the audio was pretty bad. I managed to hear maybe 50% of the movie dialogue and riffs. Not sure if it was the venue, the setup, or my old man ears.


It was terrible; I was straining to make out a lot of it, even during non-movie moments.


The audio was a problem at the Denver show on their last tour, too. I can see why it could be a hard problem, but sounds like it’s a thing they really need to improve if they’re going to keep doing live shows.


Glad it wasn’t just me. It was weird. I think I’ve seen talky stuff at the Moore before, but the audio here was really echo’y and hard to make out. I noticed the cast picking up after the show. Maybe they need to get some roadies to set up the sound.


This is out now. First movie in the gauntlet? Mac and Me!

We watched the first movie last night. God. I’d forgotten how terrible Mac and Me really was.