We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


I always got it confused with Short Circuit, and could never remember which was the bad one. Now I will never forget.


I remember loving it as a kid. And then about 10 years ago, my Dad put it on for one of his grandkids, either my niece or nephew, and I remember thinking how I could have liked it as a kid.

I’m still a few movies behind though. Loves of Hercules actually got a lot better, thank god.


By the way, looks like VRV (just?) got a ton of classic episodes, if that’s anyone’s bag.


Yeah I was just coming into the thread to mention that. Not only mst3k, but rifftrax as well.


By the end of Loves of Hercules, I was in love with that movie. There’s just so much they do that make me love it. Who else makes Hercules purposefully a blockhead who is not very smart? And I just love the revelation that all those trees were other lovers of that Succubus or whatever she was that seduced Hercules.

So fun. I want to see a sequel!

But then the next movie was Yongary, a 1950s Korean movie that’s a copy of Godzilla. Only this was soooooo much better than Godzilla. All the character banter in this movie is priceless. It’s funny even without the MST3K treatment (and much funnier with the comments of course). The little kid who uses the Itch ray gun who is named Itchiro was just killing me. When he makes Yongary dance near the end I was laughing so hard.

I’ve never seen a Godzilla movie I enjoyed. But Yongary was so good! I hope it was a hit and saw lots of sequels. It certainly deserves it more than Godzilla.


They produced what I will assume was a grimdark gritty reboot in 1999, then re-released it in 2001 after “fixing” it with lots of added footage and effects.

I demand more Yongary!!!


What you really want is Pulgarsari, the North Korean Godzilla knock-off directed by and starring a South Korean couple Kim Jong-Il had kidnapped.