WH40K: Chaos Gate

Indeed, there would have been much less outcry if they had revamped the respec mechanism, or give free respecs with the patch.

Just got a game breaking bug at day 340. There is a quest that breaks construction and you have to wait for a repair, except it’s bugged and the ship never repairs. So I can’t use any ship construction at all. It’s a known bug and I can’t keep playing without being able to use construction as my ship keeps getting damaged. Pretty bummed about it.

I’m kind of glad I held off on this, since it sounds right up my alley but it also sounds like the dev don’t understand what makes a game like this fun. I’ll wait till a few more patches iron things out and then pick it up for $20 or less eventually in a steam sale.

It’s both sad and hilarious they felt the need to nerf fun abilities in a single player game. I just don’t get it.

Actually, I do have a theory based on buzz from the Steam boards and the way the devs did that thing with the Switch “engagement” bonuses: I think the devs pay too much attention to some of the streamers and (according to the board; I don’t Twitch) some of the streamers were mocking the game for being too easy: “watch me destroy hordes of cultists with ease! watch me chain-stun and get mega APs! this game is a joke! Waaah!”

Don’t listen to those assholes, devs. At least not disproportionately, disregarding your own original design instincts and the views of the majority of fans.

you misspelled “for free on epic”

I think I’ve logged into the Epic store like once to grab an exclusive and that’s about it. Are they giving this game away? That might tempt me into re-installing it.

I couldn’t figure out the interface for teleport strike. Bah and they nerfed it before I used it.

I reached the endgame fights.

Green was the first one. I almost wiped and had to restart. Beelined towards the plague generators instead of trying to attrition the big guy down.

Yellow (?) was the second one. That was so trivial it took me 7 actions. That’s not even 2 full turns. Used 2 justicars and AP burst the guy down.

haven’t played since the patch, if they nerfed my op combos i am going to be annoyed. It’s taking away the toys I worked hard for!

Took me a while too; doesn’t help that the description is so vague.

What it does is teleport a total of up to your teleport range, in a straight line between each enemy you select, then to a free square. So to activate it you click on each enemy you want to hit in order, then click on the place you want to finish the teleport. It won’t let you select an enemy if you then wouldn’t have enough range left to reach a free square. There is a circle centered on the clicked enemy at each stage to indicate remaining range; it would help if it added a line to indicate the selected route as well.

That sounds amazing! You turn into a pinball.

Their previous game was : Warhammer 40K: Drop Assault, no? If they came from a MP F2P game, it would not be surprising for them to focus on balance.

Anyway, I agree that these abilities were dominant, and toning them down a little was probably required, but they did a huge amount of collateral damage by:

  • Making Apothecary really bad
  • Nerfing poor Purgators that already struggled to compete with melee characters
  • Removing stun mechanisms entirely until end game (and it is very hard to fix: too much stun rez, as it is now, and you kill opponents before stunning them. Too litlle, and you trivialize end game enemies and can get infinite AP. The best compromise would have been to cap AP IMO).
    which created a lot of angry Steam players.

Because lack of challenge end game is a real issue. But players would probably have complained less about buffed end game opponents instead…

To me, the only reason to nerf abilities in a single-player game is if they are actually bugs, that is, not working as programmed in some way, or if they make many choices irrelevant by being so far and away the best choices as to be the only sane choices. Barring that, I fail to see a downside to letting players build OP characters to stomp their way through the game.

Sure, pacing is important. You don’t want players to under-value things by giving them too much too soon, but once you are a good way into the game there is nothing wrong–and a lot right–with letting players become pretty dominant.

I think that depends on the players. Some would much prefer a challenge to a stomp, and it’s well known that many players are incapable of restricting themselves for the sake of increasing the challenge. Unless it’s built into the game and comes with rewards, anyway, which is why the optional challenge for each mission is such a great feature.

So in other words, it should depend on difficulty level. It sounds easy to just add the words “WP costs are increased” and “WP rewards are decreased” to appropriate difficulty levels, but depending on how the resources are structured that might be a difficult thing to actually implement quickly. But if we’re lucky it’s scheduled for a later patch.

Oh, I’d agree that difficulty levels are the way to go. Also, I’d agree it’s not as easy as it looks. But no matter how you slice it, arbitrarily making a game more frustrating is not the same as making it entertainingly challenging.

So is anyone still playing this post-nerf? I’m curious as to the impact over time.

I have been, but I wasn’t far enough along for it to impact much.

It’s mostly annoying. Like Apothecaries weren’t especially good before, now they get a single heal without levels and upgrades? Wow, super exciting. As I advance it gets better as more options open up, but making the already somewhat annoying early game more annoying is… probably not a great idea.

And no sign of the Devs taking the complaints seriously and consider a revision of the patch? It’s always hard to judge how widespread fan dissatisfaction on something like this is and what sort of impact it will have. I’ve very dissatisfied, and the devs did notice when I posted my negative review, but my one voice is just that.

I’d be perfectly fine with them just rolling back the balance changes full stop, and then indicating they will do a future fix on the stun/AP issue for the highest difficulties (or both at once). But as it is they reduced the most fun stuff and that’s stopping me from giving the game another go.

Patch 4 today with some small fixes and a little reversion of the balancing from last patch.

Still no fix for the infinite construction bug so I have not played it since. They are aware of the bug but no timeline for a fix.

I have, and I find the changes not as bad as players say:
Stun has become almost unusable for me early on, but I could pull it out by casting stun biomancy on someone else then my interceptor, because he kills things too fast, and using a +stun on psybolt bolter and the justicar charge, but it ended up not being very efficient.

The poor apothecary jar been benched since, but now that I have a Paladin, maybe he’ll be able to do it.

My issue is that I’d rather have them cap the AP gains through execution than make it so unwieldly (you cannot stun early, and late game, because opponents will drop before getting stun, and you kind of have too after because opponents have too many HP otherwise).

I still don’t get why they nerfed the Apothecary, which was arguably the weakest of the starting classes. Maybe he can now team with the Paladin to stun buff him, but his issue is that he has no easy way to replenish willpower, and most of his tree does nothing.

Psilencers purgators are still good, but I benched the Psi cannon one, and didn’t miss him after he was gone for good in an event.

I launched this on a whim this morning, I picked it up from Fanatical a few days ago for $38 because every bit of footage I’ve seen (plus @ShivaX is into it and he’s a good barometer for games I’ll enjoy) is very cool. I really like the look. Though I was going to hold off until I got closer to my second Wrath of the Righteous play through wrapping up, I just hit Act 4 there and thought “this might be a good game to bounce back and forth between with” so we’ll see.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by to talk about the incredible tutorial - I really was blown away by the visuals and sound design, but the gameplay seems really, really good so far. The combat and enemies in just the tutorial were interesting and fun. I am also one that normally turns action cams off completely, but on a whim I set them to “sometimes” and I really am glad I did - they hit really well when they trigger (I don’t think Always would be a good idea though). Great tutorial, cool set piece and a fun way to set up the campaign while quickly teaching the basics.

I also noticed there is a codex/rulebook in the game menu which I really appreciate, as well. I’m excited to dive into this over the weekend and see where it takes me.

I’ll be very interested to see what your arc of play is like. This is a game I really wanted to like but which didn’t click with me at first. I want to get back to it one day when it’s on sale and they’ve finished tweaking it.