WH40K: Chaos Gate

I don’t remember ever crashing while playing. Maybe once or twice. It did crash a lot when I first loaded a save and immediately went into combat. For some reason, I had to load a save that was already in combat, and then load the save that gave me trouble.

There were also a handful of times when I hit end turn and the game spun in an infinite loop. I could use some of the interface but not all of it (like to quit or reload).

Fortunately, it autosaves before each turn. I never felt frustrated about losing too much progress.


I played through the first two mission of the GOG release. They fixed the cultist bug, but I am getting a CTD when I try to loot corpses.

I’m getting a lot of lag with the mouse cursor and can’t drag select at all. I can’t find a solution on the net. Anyone have the same problem and found a solution? This is on Windows 10.

Will that one work without crashing on Windows 10?

pretty stoked for this one. tried so hard to get it to run over the years since

I just saw this today too. Really liked the original, then went thru all the pain everybody else did in this thread trying to replay it years later. I hope they do it justice, and that it holds up against more modern games as well, like wasteland 3, or even the more combat focused gears tactics, which had some cool boss battles.

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Hmm Grey Knights. Frankly would have preferred more vanilla marines with a wider range of enemy types, for more tactical variety. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I suspect that making it Grey Knights would narrow the options for the player and for the enemies.

Still, crossing my fingers that they get some of the Chaos Gate magic back. Now all we need is a Missionforce Cyberstorm reboot!

That would be super cool. I wonder who owns the IP to that? It was a Dynamix title I believe, published by Sierra. Really, you don’t even need the IP. Just do a remake and rename everything.

Man, I loved Dynamix. In addition to Cyberstorm, which was the first game I played heavily online, they released some games that I spent hundreds of hours on: Stellar 7, Mechwarrior, Betrayal at Krondor, Earthsiege, Starsiege and Starsiege:Tribes. I’m sure I’m forgetting others that I played.


That was anything but a reveal XD

It has my interest now, as it has a vibe of Battlesector with Inquistor Martyr and destructible terrain adding more tactics creativity.

Man, I sure hope the game music is just like the music in this trailer. Gregorian chant/choir stuff, please.

You will take the 15 seconds of real footage and feel privileged to able and allowed to watch it!

Yeah look at @Left_Empty here , wanting them to give away the whole cow, before anyone buys the milk.