WH40K: Chaos Gate

It’s pretty neat! I’ve gotten the above one twice, which I quite like. Before that it was “kill 8 guys with grenades” which wasn’t as interesting but still fun.

Finishing up Warhammer Mechanicus before I jump into this one. I can’t wait!

Dang, this game is tough! Not quite original X-Com tough, but for super space marines, I am pretty much unable to go a mission without getting someone critically wounded.

I played the tutorial of this, then got distracted by Spellforce first, and now by Boltgun :/

You should get back to it, I’m having more fun than I thought I would.

Is the Dreadnaught DLC actually bad? I want to get back to this game at some point and the idea of a Dreadnaught on the team seems awesome. However Steam feedback is really negative on the DLC.

Well, speaking of the game, there is a new update today with free content!

I don’t know. The reviews were bad enough (and the content seemed thin enough for the price) that I didn’t buy it. I did opt to have the “DLC missions” included in my campaign, which may have been a bad move.