WH40K: Chaos Gate

It’s pretty neat! I’ve gotten the above one twice, which I quite like. Before that it was “kill 8 guys with grenades” which wasn’t as interesting but still fun.

Finishing up Warhammer Mechanicus before I jump into this one. I can’t wait!

Dang, this game is tough! Not quite original X-Com tough, but for super space marines, I am pretty much unable to go a mission without getting someone critically wounded.

I played the tutorial of this, then got distracted by Spellforce first, and now by Boltgun :/

You should get back to it, I’m having more fun than I thought I would.

Is the Dreadnaught DLC actually bad? I want to get back to this game at some point and the idea of a Dreadnaught on the team seems awesome. However Steam feedback is really negative on the DLC.

Well, speaking of the game, there is a new update today with free content!

I don’t know. The reviews were bad enough (and the content seemed thin enough for the price) that I didn’t buy it. I did opt to have the “DLC missions” included in my campaign, which may have been a bad move.

I’ve got about 20 hours of playtime in this and I think I’m around day 140+ in the campaign. I dragged my feet a bit on completing a key research item to progress the story, so I don’t know if that will cause problems. I just beat the first big bloom source - which is the only mission I had me soldiers get critical injuries. No deaths so far. I’m only playing on standard difficulty though.

This feels like a game I’m going to peter out on, even though I’ve enjoyed what I have played. The missions feel largely similar. I did finish Mechanicus, not sure why I’m losing interest more quickly in this one. Maybe I’ve been playing too many turn based tactical games lately.

Question to you knights who finished the game, or at least made it further than me. I’m on day 207, completed the Craftworld mission yesterday. I just got a crazy ass hard mission (that I think was rated easy), where I had to protect 3 groups of soldiers and defeat all enemies - of which tehre were like 7 groups of reinforcements.

It was utterly nuts as there were enemies that kept raising more enemies from corpses and the number of enemies was out of hand. I couldn’t always prioritze them, because sometimes I needed to thin the herd, but maybe that was the wrong approach. I had also split up my knights into 2 groups because it didn’t seem like I could waste a turn traveling between groups I needed to protect.

So, is it possible to advance the story too quickly so I’m underpowered to meet the challenges of some of the missions? I don’t know if that is what happened to me, or if I just made some poor choices.

Edit: The type of the mission that did me in was a Bloom Assault. Also, it looks like I should have researched Gate of Infinity before I took one of those missions.

I’m not familiar with any missions where you have to protect soldiers? Did you buy that lame DLC? I have heard the DLC is terrible, as in actively bad and makes the base game worse with shitty missions and other stuff. I have avoided the DLC thus far - if I play the game again I’m going to avoid the DLC. I don’t know there is an unavoidable patch that fucks up the base game with DLC shit-missions even if you avoid the DLC.

Bottom line, I’ve heard without verifying the DLC is so terrible it can shit up your game with shitty missions. Dunno if there’s a way to avoid that if you bought it.

I don’t have any DLC. Did you do the Craftworld mission yet? Right after completing that the Bloom Assault missions start. Those are the ones where there are 3 groups of soldiers you need to protect as one of the victory conditions.

Ah it turns out Bloom Assault is a new mission type added in the May update. I haven’t played the game recently so I haven’t see that mission type. Sounds crappy :O.

The sad fact is I feel this game was the best it has been on the day of release and pretty much every change since then has nerfed something, added bad DLC or bad missions or just generally been downhill. It’s like the opposite of a Triumph game.

New dlc

Is this game fun or just super hard (and it would piss me off)? I loved the XCom games but I think I applied some mods/turned down the difficulty because it made me lose more of my hair.

I enjoyed it, but that’s not saying much for your purposes as I like these games to be hard. Hopefully I can help a bit though. (Obligatory disclaimer: I work for the publisher on a different title and got the game for free. I don’t think I’m too biased though.)

Chaos Gate is more forgiving than XCom because you have a bunch of super-soldiers fighting generally against numerically superior weaker enemies. They’re actually quite hard to kill; if they go down they can be revived in mission or after it, no death to a single shot from an unseen enemy here. Later in the game, as in XCom, you get incredible powers to counteract your enemies getting stronger.

Your soldiers may be tough, but they will be overwhelmed if you just yolo it and charge forwards. You have to take care to avoid waking too many enemies at once (it uses a pod system, again like XCom).

Very good. Thanks.

It’s a good game that has decayed steadily since release. Every time they push out a new DLC they add more difficult monsters/scenarios that go into the base game. But if you are playing without the DLC you don’t have the right new toys to boost yourself up to the scaled difficulty. So the game just gets harder for no reason.

I enjoyed the game at release and beat it then but I tried it again last month and had to quit in frustration a third of the way through.

There’s a toggle in the game setup that explicitly turns that off.

It doesn’t work for all the new stuff.