What 2nd vid card for 3 monitors?

I just got a flat panel to replace one of the 19" CRTs I was running, and now I’m thinking of adding another video card so I can add that CRT back into the mix. They’re both running off of a vanilla AGP 6800 on Windows XP. Is anyone else running three monitors? And what about the drivers? I was hoping I could just add a cheapo PCI geforce2, because I figured ATI and Nvidia probably don’t play nice together. Anything else I’m missing?

A cheapo PCI card should work fine. I haven’t run triple monitors in a long long time, but when I did it was an AGP GeForce, a PCI Rage 128, and a PCI Rage Pro I think. They all seemed to play well with each other, but this was back in the Win2K days.

Thanks. So, if I throw another card in there, XP should get the drivers and everything all figured out?



Tried the old S3 virge card I had, but I guess several years sitting in the garage in an open case didn’t agree with it. I wonder if the voodoo2 still works…