What a crappy day

So I’m all ready for work, and I go outside to leave and my car starts and immediately turns off. I try to crank it again, and it won’t even turn over. I know nothing about cars whatsoever. I get out and notice I also have a flat tire. Then as I proceed to call my entire phone’s contact list I find out that noone is available, the people who answer are out of town, and the ones that don’t answer can’t help unless I talk to them. So I’m stranded, and I told my work, but it’s stinking aggravating, and giving me a headache. I’m really frustrated.

I vote to knife 0racle.

I vote to knife 0racle’s car.

My sympathies, man.

If i had known Bahimiron’s powers had side effects I’d have refused him.

That sucks 0racle, I hate hate hate when that happens.

About ten years ago I vowed to never again own only one car so that it wouldn’t happen to me again, a decision I’ve not regretted.

That sucks dude.

so I just heard from one of my friends with slight car knowledge, and they say that it sounds like a computer issue in the car. anyone know anything about cars?

Did it suddenly die or did it sputter to a stop? How old is your car?

…does your car have any oil?

And does it have fuel?

O crap, i was due for an oil change 300 miles ago, you think that’s it?

You really don’t know anything about cars, do you? :-)

Even if you haven’t changed the oil on time, that’s not going to cause the care to stop running (at least not at this point. If you wait a few years between oil changes, then it might.) Instead, what Morberis is talking about is whether the oil disappeared. But really, that tends to cause other issues.

Honestly, there are a bunch of things that could cause the car to just top running. Some are very simple to fix. However, I keep wondering about the flat tire. Coincidence? Or maybe someone messed with your car.

Well, this tire has given me problems for ages. I have gotten it fixed over and over again, and I’ve gotten new tires put on and it’s always the same tire. It will hold air for a month and then i have to reinflate it. every time it’s the same tire, even if they are rotated, or changed.

Although I did have a housewarming part last night and a bunch of coworkers came over and all brought a bunch of beer and stuff(i don’t drink) and one guy got really drunk and was hanging out in my garage for a long time last night cause thats where the second fridge is and they put the beers there.

Always the same tire? Someone is messing with you. Or your rim is bent and will lose air. Or you aren’t getting the tire’s valves changed, and have a faulty one. Or you always park with one wheel on a nail bed.

Sounds like you need more blinker fluid.


The recurring flat tire problem is the key, and your friend who said it is a computer problem is correct. One symptom of a failing car computer is that occasionally the auto-tire-inflate program will start acting oddly. I’ve never heard of this happening to one tire exclusively, but I guess it could happen. I would call your car manufacturers tech support line and see if they can email you a patch. I think your blinker fluid is probably fine, but check that too.

Quit screwing with the guy.

Re: the flat tire - have a reputable tire place check the rim. I used to get bent rims all the time on the truck I used to have. It didn’t cause flats, but it caused that wheel to be un-balance-able.

Its ok, i do know enough that there is no blinker fluid, and that the computer doesn’t control the tires, but nothing about the actual car. I got a ride to work, and when I got home I started it up and it kept going, but something smelled like it was burning so i turned it off.

O and I have a friend coming over tomorrow to check it out, he’s a mechanic, so he should be able to help. I hope.

Before 9am this morning I found out that my granddaughter mother may have swine flu. My granddaughter is 2 months old so the first reaction was to get my granddaughter over here for the next few days (my wife and I have already been vaccinated since we take care of her).

And someone hit my sons car while it was parked outside.

Quite a morning. I agree with you Oracle, we should all just go back to bed and pretend like today didnt happen.

Geez Kael, sorry to hear that, I hope things smooth out really soon. My bad day is easy in comparison. But on a different note, maybe we could get Obama to outlaw bad days or something. But that might be something for the politics forum.