What are the best quests in WoW, specifically for lvl 30 and under?

I don’t want to miss out on any of the coolest quests, so I’d like some input as to what the most enjoyable quests are, especially for lvl 30 and under, since that’s around where I am. But also feel free to use this thread to talk about your favorite quests, regardless of level.

By enjoyable I’m primarily focused on story, plot ,and writing.

Alliance or Horde?

I personally really like the Rogue poison quest chains. Actually, just about any class specific quest is pretty awesome – it always disappointed me about WoW that there weren’t a lot more of them.

Alliance side the best chain is The Missing Diplomat.

The final quest in the Draenei area (Bloodmyst Isle) is awesome.

This morning I was working through that when I realized I’d done about 5 steps on the same quest. I checked lightheaded and noticed that it had 10+ steps and started to wonder if I shoudl’ve read some of the quest text. Oh well - thanks QuestHelper!

A lot of the chains in Duskwood are great, too. Stitches, Mor’Ladim, etc.

I’d say the Draenei starting area kicks the crap out of all others in this regard. I don’t remember names specifically, but the one where you first meet the furbolgs, and their spirit guides direct you to the camp where some are imprisoned, is among the best quests in the game.

Both new player areas (Bloodmyst/Ghostlands) are good and a great way to avoid the Barrens if you’re horde.

Most of the good low-level quests in WoW involve instances. The Deadmines is a fun instance to run as a low level (20-25) Alliance player - one of the better laid out ones in the game, and the Defias quest line that leads to it has a pretty good plot attached. It eventually leads all the way to one of the end-game instances (well, it was end-game pre-TBC!).

Zul’Farrak is another good low level instance - a bit above your level (40-45) but has a very strong Raiders of the Lost Ark feel. Uldaman is another really well done one but it’s harder to find groups for that since until 2.4 the difficulty was way out of whack with the rewards.

Un’Goro Crater quest lines are pretty much one huge Nintendo easter egg if you’re into that.

That is inded a great quest chain, at least until you get to the point where it ends abruptly and remains unresolved. Has Blizzard announced if they ever plan to revisit it?

If you swim around like a spaz to enjoy your fish speed buff you can miss the cheetah runspeed buff and have to walk all the way across the island at normal speed :(

Where and at what level does this start off at?

Pretty sure the new quests they added in Dustwallow some patches back continue it.

Yeah, that’s really annoying. At this point I expect that it will never be resolved, though I vaguely remember someone suggesting it might be continued in WotLK. I’m not holding my breath.

IIRC, it starts in Stormwind, and it’s around level 30 or so. I might be mistaken, but I think you have to complete some of the quests in The Stockades to unlock the chain.

Here’s the first step in the chain: http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=1274

It requires level 28.

I thought that too, but wowhead doesn’t list any pre-reqs, though I’m not sure that it necessarily would.

I second this for low 30s. A FP at the other end of Duskwood, would make this zone alot less annoying.

IIIRC, Duskwood is a level 20-30 zone, so it’s not really suitable for someone 30+.

And yes, it’s super-annoying that most of the quest-giving NPCs are in Darkshire at the far East side of the zone, yet completing the quests involves running to the cemetary at the far West end. It helps to load up on 3-4 quests and knock them out in one trip, but there’s still an awful lot of pointless running back and forth (at a level when you don’t yet have a mount, no less!). At one point a friend and I did a test to determine if it was faster to run from Darkshire to Raven Hill on foot or to take the Gryphon to Westfall and run from there. I can’t remember the result, but I think both times were roughly the same. The fact that we even considered running a test like that shows how poorly laid out that zone is. Thankfully Blizzard has learned from their mistakes and post-TBC questing areas don’t have nearly as much needless travel time.

I thought they added fp to the west side of Duskwood.

That might be the case; it’s been at least three years since I’ve quested there. If they have added a flight path, it would be a godsend.