What are the best quests in WoW, specifically for lvl 30 and under?

I sure as hell didn’t see it this morning.

I have to disagree with recommendations for anything beyond the starting area of the Blood Elves. While the Ghostlands have a haunted Duskwood feel, the quest progression in it feels very old world and disjointed. It’s like Auberdine, but with a lot more quests, and they aren’t organized in a manner similar to the Draenei quests. There’s a lot of running back and forth between areas you’ve already quested in, and very few interesting quests that I can remember (with the notable exception of the Lament of the Highborne quest chain). Mostly just of the kill the foozle variety.

It’s like Blizzard did the Blood Elf areas, then fixed all their mistakes with the Draenei zone.

For Alliance, I enjoyed the quest chain in Ashenvale that starts with The Howling Vale

Speaking of Ashenvale, the Raene’s Cleansing questline gives you a quest item towards the end which turns you into a Furbolg for 3 mins. You can keep the item which has unlimited uses. Many people who skipped this quest went back and did it at 60/70 just for Dartol’s Rod of Transformation
(make sure you read the wowhead notes, because you have to drop the quest before turning in the quest or you will lose the rod permanently)

The quest:

I disagree strongly. The Ghostlands has a faction system with a quartermaster in the main town. If you complete all the quests in the zone, you will reach exalted with the town and be able to purchase several nice blues from the quartermaster – at prices a bit out of reach for newbies, but nothing for a twink.

I just finished the Draenei quests and I don’t believe it received any blues.

I did get to ride an elephant, though. For 10 minutes. Ooh.

What does being able to grind rep that early on in the game have to do with the quality of quest progression and the efficiency of the quest hubs?

Because it’s not “grinding” it’s doing the quests in the zone and getting “free” blues. Specifically, free blues that the demonic space paladins don’t give you.

Yeah but his complaint is that the zone sucks. Saying “and then you get a free rep blue at the end” doesn’t make the zone’s quest progression suddenly awesome.

I still don’t see what getting a blue item at level 20 or whenever you manage to get your rep up to exalted have to do with the quality of the quests and how they’re arranged.

And isn’t it only one blue item? Which I don’t think you’ll miss terribly if you just do a low-level instance or once you outlevel it (which ought to be a rather quick thing).

Don’t get me wrong, better quest itemization is a big plus in the expansion, but neither is it restricted to the Blood Elf questing area nor is it particularly meaningful at the early stages that you outlevel fairly quickly. And furthermore it has nothing to do with whether the quest progression is organized or even the quality of the quests.


Exactly. The promise of the blue rep reward carrot at the end is not an incentive for me to get through a poorly organized zone.

Not to mention the Draenei get to fight a mini-Onyxia at one point in their quest chains. It’s beyond cool. Blizz really got the questing there right. While you might come out of Ghostlands somewhat better equipped, the Draenei area is a lot more fun. The spirit totem chain, disguising yourself as a tree to eavesdrop in on a conversation, tradeskill trainers who give you quests…it’s really well done.

You’re right, you only get one blue from the quartermaster, and another from the final quest.

There’s nothing wrong the Ghostlands, the progression is fine, it’s far more interesting than Bloodmyst and the final fight with the foozle is far more satisfying.

The quartermaster is an excellent source of “free” upgrades as you progress through the zone.

The sword from the final quest (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=22995) is far better than the level 20 green I bought on the AH.

But, back on the subject of quest quality, someone said Bloodmyst blew Ghostlands away, and what I’m saying is that’s not so. The Lament of the Highborn is probably the best sub-30 quest in the game.

That assumes you’re a shaman.

I’d recommend This Old Lighthouse for the last step in the chain alone. I don’t think it was in the game on my first time through, but caught it on an alt and it’s definitely one of the better ones in the game. Beyond that I dunno, the Legend of Stalvan ones are generally pretty popular, and Horde-side there’s a fun one where you resurrect an elite to attack Southshore (Horde quests tend to be slightly more fun on average though). It’s a pretty miserable level range to be honest, after level 20 the areas are big but you don’t get your mount till 40 so it can get somewhat tedious.

Tarren Mill was kinda cool when I played WoW a couple years ago. You can be backstabbed while standing in the middle of the town. I ended up beating the game at level 36.

If we move ahead a few levels, I can’t recommend the new Dustwallow quests (specifically Horde) enough. I took my alt mage there to check them out at level 37ish, and had hit 40 before I had even realized it had happened. The quests were really well laid out and fun, as an extra bonus.

They did not, however, the Alliance has a flight point in Stranglethorne/Rebel Camp which is probably much closer than Westfall.

This Old Lighthouse is worth it for the bit where you get to fight Tethyr. Really big mob, especially at that level. And you get to do it with cannons. And gigantic laser beams smacking you in the face for pretty much no damage. Woo!

The new 30-40 quests they added in Dustwallow Marsh are also excellent - on par with the BC starter zones. Well, the Alliance version is. Most new quests (Jarl, Tabitha, the goblin town) are available to both factions.

I don’t know the quality (fun, reward) of the quests out of the Horde ogre village there since they updated. They sucked when I did them back at launch.

edit: See Fury’s rec above.

I’d love a new MMO with consistent questing at the Bloodmyst/Ghostlands/Dustwallow level of quality. Once you exit the fun starter zones (I’m running a dwarf rogue through Bloodmyst now) the quality - with a few exceptions, like Dustwallow - drops off the table until you get to Outlands.

“A King’s Tribute”

If you’re Alliance, there’s a “Waterlogged Letter” in the water underneath the Thandol Span (the bridge connecting the Wetlands to Arathi). The letter sends you back to Ironforge to talk to one Sarah Balloo, and the quest eventually reaches King Magni Bronzebeard in the throne room – one of only three quests he gives in the game. (the other two are Blackrock Depths-related). In the middle of a ton of Kill-X-Foozle quests, this mini-story actually stuck with me. One of my favorite quest threads in the entire game.

How about that one where you killed a bunch of things and collected that one thing?

The best part was that the things you needed to kill were a 10 minute walk outside of town.

That was really memorable.