What are the best quests in WoW, specifically for lvl 30 and under?

Actually I liked the one who you had to collect a bunch of things but they only appeared on the things you had to kill like 20% of the time so it was really like you had to kill a whole lot of things even though it seemed like every one of them should have had one of those things. Oh and your friend got all those things a lot quicker than you did.


Yeah I remember that one. Also your ‘friend’ was actually just some random dude you met in town who happened to need to do the same quest. That was actually helpful because you needed to be 3 levels higher to solo kill those things.

Of course as soon as your ‘friend’ collected all his things he lost interest in helping you. After that you had to trek back to town to find another friend and treck back 10 minutes to your killing field to kill enough things to get your quest finished.

Of course there was the alternative quest path of joining some nazi guild of grinders who would quest with you all the time but drop you from the guild if you took a day or two off to do something like take a vacation. Man memories of this make me want to turn in my rare japanese RPG collection at Gamestop so I can use store credit for a few WOW subscription cards.

Sir Bruce do you want to trade in your wargame collection so we can form a raiding guild?

Think he meant the “Learning the furbolg language while visiting all of their spirit totems and getting neat buffs” questline, which anyone can do, and is, indeed, a lot of fun.

Unless he didn’t, in which case, my bad.

Have you done the Draenei starting area quests? The chain I’m referring to is this one, which is available to everyone. Maybe Spirit Totem isn’t the perfect way to describe the chain, but anyone who has done them should know what I’m talking about.

The sword from the final quest (Sin'dorei Warblade - Item - World of Warcraft) is far better than the level 20 green I bought on the AH.

Like I said, Ghostlands is great in terms of how well-geared you will leave it if you do all the quests.

But, back on the subject of quest quality, someone said Bloodmyst blew Ghostlands away, and what I’m saying is that’s not so. The Lament of the Highborn is probably the best sub-30 quest in the game.

It’s the coolest quest in the area (although the area where you get the drop can get random aggro issues), but we’ll just have to disagree with it being the best sub-30 quest. I think Bloodmyst/Azuremyst provides a much better overall experience.

Not to say I didn’t like the Belf area. It’s probably my favorite Horde-side, although I like the Undead starting area a lot (I’ve done Undead three times and Belf four times).

I disagree with the Ghostlands hate. Westfall is easily my favorite 10-20 level zone in the game, but Ghostlands is probably the best one on the Horde side. I didn’t think there was that much running back and forth, and certainly less than you’d have in Silverpine or the Barrens. It’s a neat zone visually (even if it’s not quite as cool as Duskwood), and there are several good quest chains there. The Deathholme quest chain was quite fun.

My favorite teen zones are Loch Modan and the Barrens, more for atmosphere than for quality of quest writing. Loch Modan along with Dun Morogh might be my favorite area in the game. As for the Barrens, I’ve spent so much time there that it feels more like “home” to me than most earthly locales, god help me.

I can’t get enthusiastic about Ghostlands just because it has that gloomy depressing Plaguelands vibe. I spent too much time in EPL and WPL to want to hang out in a place like that. The other Belf zone is great, though.

I can’t think of any really good quest, but I can recommend against going to Thousand Needles. The quests closer to the end of Ghostlands are pretty cool, though.

Instead, I’ll just jump straight in to the two quests that really stick out to me: Until Death do us Part and the end of the Unyielding Souls quests. Both Horde for what it’s worth.

Until Death do us Part is far from exciting, and even simplistic, but standing atop my destination–a Paladin’s grave–is still stuck in my head. There’s not much to spoil, but still I’ll not go in to the specifics. If you pick that quest up–around level 16 at Thunder Bluff–I suggest you take the time to make the delivery to The Sepulcher. If you don’t like it… well, you didn’t have to do much, right?

For a similar reason I like Unyielding Souls; I am a role-player at heart so story-telling that really pulls you in to the game and makes you feel a hero gets my vote. The quest is available at Spinebreaker Post around level 60, and is recommended if you want to take a break from the annoying Zeth’Gor quests.

I’m glad there are some interesting quests coming up; I just got my first WoW character to level 10 and nothing that interesting has happened yet. There is a lot of killing gnolls for their armbands and such, though.

Oh, it never really gets that interesting. Stick with it a little while longer I guess.

Unless you try to find something interesting, such as a decent plot-line, you’re shit outta’ luck. Fun quests are a rare treat, so you’re best benefitted approaching quests as a role-player. Don’t shrug it off; you might find it cheesy, but I’ve found that letting youself asbord in to the world and marvel at it as just that–another world; another universe–really helps you along your way.

If that’s not your thing then your best bet is to look forward to either the PvP–which I find fantastic–or the satisfaction brought from collaborating with friends and guildmates to hurdle specific feats such as raids and… well, PvP. PvP just rocks in this game, but that from someone damned competitive.

[strike]Raids[/strike] and PvP are what it’s all about, yo’. Also, I’m a smug elitist :D

PvP! PvP!

The Missing Diplomat does not require you to do anything in the Stockade. I’m in the middle of it now on an alt.

Duskwood has some pretty cool quests, that are bit more outside the norm. And the Defias Brotherhood storyline is getting pretty interesting actually.

But really, if someone is looking for a MMORPG with great quests and storyline, I’d recommend LOTRO over WoW.

I particularly liked the stories in City of Heroes.


If they were going to continue it, they prolly would have done so in patch 2.4… especially since they added a nearby quest hub that’s the right level.

I think it’s safe to say that that long, awesome quest line will forever fizzle out into that non-ending.

Oddly enough, the whole issue of Stormwind’s missing king is apparently being sort of dealt with in the Wildstorm WoW comic.

My favorite zone in the game is unequivocally the Eastern Plaguelands (The Battle of Darrowshire is easily one of the greatest quests in the game), but that’s a little higher than the OP’s request.

For level 30 and under, Bloodmyst Isle is a great place to level from 12 to 22 or so. Westfall is great, especially if you follow the quests and the story behind them; it’s an early indication of both corruption in the humans’ ranks and the fact that the entire zone would be peaceful farmland if not for idiots among the nobility. Duskwood got hit hard by patch 2.3 and is sort of weird now; you can do quests on the west side of the zone as early as level 19, but the closer you get to Darkshire, the tougher the monsters get.

Ashenvale is an okay place to level, but it tends to be a PVP warzone most of the time, and you basically spend 20-25 killing foozles until you can head east and do the long circuit of quests around Forest Song.

If I had to pick an ideal quest circuit for a new Alliance player, it’d probably go like this:

Azuremyst Isle
Bloodmyst Isle

(If you’re a warlock, do Elwynn Forest -> Westfall instead, because the closest warlock trainer to the draenei starting zone is in Ironforge.)

That’ll get you to about level 20-22, depending on how much you love your rested XP. Be sure to do a couple of Deadmines runs so you can get the quest item off the last boss, then go to Stormwind and run the Stockades.

Do the Pelturas Whitemoon quests in western Ashenvale, then head back to the Eastern Kingdoms.

Forest Song in eastern Ashenvale

That’ll put you at level 34 pretty easily. At that point you can go to Southshore for easy questing, then go north from there to murder ogres to Alterac, or go to Theramore and do the quests there.

Be wqarned, if you are on a PVE server, that the final part of the Lost Diplomat PVP enables you. The first time I completed it, I wandered blissfully down the road and got ganked by a level 60 Troll rogue. Still, getting ganked ona PVE server is an experience.

I will echo that the 10-20 Dranei zone has some very good quests, and the culmination of the quest chain is one of those rare moments when I looked around at the screen with a big goofy grin on my face. While the 10-20 BE zone (Ghostlands) isn’t quite as good, I still think that both of the new race zones show just how much Blizzard has learned about questing and zone design since the game launched. All four of those newbie zones are well done and full of interesting stuff.

And also mentioned above is the Renae’s cleansing quest chain from Ashenvale, in which you get (and always always keep!) the rod of transformation. My level 70 Human Warlock has it.

I’ll add that if you never complete the Missing Diplomat quest chain, you will have an instant portal from the wizard tower in Theramore to Stormwind. I have read that some people keep the quest at that point because that free port is very handy.

I also like the low level Horde quest in Ashenvale where you attack the elven outpost. I always forget the name of that quest, but it starts just to the right of the path as you’re running from Barrens into Ashenvale (the questgiver is hanging out in the Horde Lumber Camp).

One overarching storyline that I personally find interesting is the Silithid invasion one for the Horde. It’s not so much a single questline as an undercurrent to the higher level zones. I believe it starts with the Bug Hunt quest in Crossroads, at level 20. Then closer to 30 you get a quest to go talk to the Caravan guy in the Shimmering Flats from the same questgiver. That gives you a quest to kill the Silithids in the corner of the Shimmering Flats. From that one you’re sent to Gadgetzan to start the full-fledged bug questchains. I like how as you move into higher and higher level zones, you see more and more evidence of bug infestations. While I don’t think there’s any real final bug quest, I find the constant threat of invasion/infestation interesting.

I guess that pays off in Ahn Qiraj, which means a nonraider like me will never see the end of that particular arc, at least until I am level 100 and can solo AQ40.

God forbid that some interesting quest chains require group play!