What are those tag icons for?

I never noticed them until just now.

I can hover over them and see keywords. Can I search by tags? I wow, I can search by them!

Neat! I can add tags to my post too. Why did I never see this?

Tags were added with the last vBulletin update here. While some people use them for lolfunnies they are actually way more reliable than just inputting words you hope will get you to a thread or post you want with a general search.

Tagging all of my threads with “butts”.

Edit: Damnit! You can’t retroactively add tags. Oh well, next time.

And that’s what makes them useless.

Because Web 2.0 Means You Can Put In Place The Ability To Manually Fix Your Search Engine And Call It A Feature™.

vBulletin allows for tags to be added after the thread has been started, it’s simply not enabled here.