What are you doing new year's eve?

I am a bit of a NYE grouch. I’m not against going out, having lots of drinks and a fun time, but it seems to me that new year’s is actually the toughest night of the year to accomplish this. Too many people out and about, too many drunks, you can’t get in a bar, if you can you can’t get a drink, you can’t get a cab, if you can it’ll cost you twice the regular rate, etc etc.

I may be getting old, but these days I’m perfectly happy to sit on the couch with some good liquor and watch Dick Clark on TV. Or, as will be the case this year, go to a friend’s house party, which I think is just about the only way left to actually go out on NYE with a reasonable expectation of having a good time. Of course since cabs are still impossible, I have to drive over there which means no drinking which means most of the object is defeated from the outset.

So, what are your plans?

Making a fire, putting some music on and going to bed before 11 pm.

Because we’re old.


It’s been and gone here in Aussie land. I went to bed at 11.30pm. I usually sit up and watch the world wide fireworks show but I’ve got work today.

A surprise 6 inches of snow today, combined with the rains of the past few days, have turned the city into a big happy fun skating rink that is not at all automobile friendly. This has caused a city wide wave of cancellated new years plans.

This is the first time I wish I owned one of those hugemongous trucks that could drive over snowbanks, people, trees, and other minor obstacles. I bet I could get into the nicest restaurants in town with no reservations on new years eve and that would be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

But to answer the question, my plans have degenerated to putting the kid to bed at 8pm and trying to get in a solid four hours of Final Fantasy 12 before bedtime.

Sitting at home watching some movies then switching to one of the new year shows just before midnight.

I must be getting old too.

I’ll probably just continue catching up on the marathon of “Disasters Of The Century” episodes that my PVR recorded while I was off visiting, and channel surf a bit to see if there’s anything vaguely interesting on as the big event approaches.

Going to a friends house to eat roast turkey dinner, watch movies and veg out. I’m also a New Year grinch, its one of the most over-rated celebrations in the year. You wait until midnight, then nothing happens. People get obnoxiously drunk, drive like retards, the TV is crap etc.

Doing? Did! Played Civ4, ate, kept the fireplace warm, shut out the noise.
it was briefer than usual this year - people are tiring of fireworks, perhaps. I can
still recall a time when it lasted an hour and a half.
Didn’t get to play “chase teens off the lawn with a sword” this year.

Now maybe I’ll open Warlords. A typical, uneventful NYE.
(Everyone I know is dead or ill)

Quiet night watching a movie and in bed before 10. Very old.

Currently trying not to fall asleep on the bf’s couch. It’s only 4pm. Switching it up a bit later, when I’ll try not to fall asleep on my best friend’s couch at her annual NYE party. Jet lag’s super fun, man.

Going to dinner at a classy Indian joint with the GF and another couple, then to a dressy catered party somewhere thrown be some people I don’t know but who obviously have more $$$ than i do.

p.s.- alcohol cures jet lag!

We thought about going out, but then didnt make any plans. I’m tryning not to fall asleep now and stay up until mdnight (i’ts only 7 here) but I think I drank a bit too much already so I might take an ap,

Nothing for me. Our new daughter is just 2 weeks old, which makes going out for any stretch of time kind of difficult without a wet nurse at home. Probably be in bed early and wish each other a happy New Year during one of the late night feedings/cryings.

I tried that last night. After I finished my first drink, I thought “hm I should shut down the laptop and get another.” I fell asleep somewhere between the “shut down” message and the prompt to close my browser. I woke up an hour later with computer still on, finger on mouse, drool on chin. Not pretty.


For the first time in 12 years, I’m not spending new years with my wife. I have to work tonight. I’m here in the office at the moment, looking forward to speaking with the occassional asshole that’s too important to let his business dealings wait until 8AM Monday morning.

So my plans for the night are to sit here at my desk like a pathetic robot, monitor network activity, reboot servers, and write nasty posts on a message board when strangers try to insult me.

Going to play WoW!

Man, I thought I was pretty old but most of the responses here make me feel young again. Going to a party at a friend’s house, which for all the reasons Gary mentioned is really the best thing to do on NYE. The driving problem is usually cured because people allow you to crash until morning if you like. As an extra bonus, the last several years I’ve gone to parties at people’s houses in Pasadena, so you can walk to the Rose Bowl Parade in the morning if you feel like it. Although I think this particular New Year’s I will just drive home tonight anyway.

So my plans for the night are to sit here at my desk like a pathetic robot, monitor network activity, reboot servers, and write nasty posts on a message board when strangers try to insult me.

Best New Year’s Eve EVER!

Dinner at family’s, back home, friends coming over, getting borracho hasta no poder mas.*

*Rough translation: getting shitfaced drunk