What are you more excited about - Rock Band or Guitar Hero III?

Poll it, baby.

Based on very limited experience with Rock Band at PAX, Sluggo’s extensive impressions of GH3 he’s posted, and a straight up track list comparison, I’m giving the edge to GH3. It’s close though.

Rock Band, because I feel it offers more, but GH3 is not far behind it.

I’m kind of torn, because although I like the songs in Rock Band more, I’m not sure if they’re really going to be good guitar songs, which is what I’ll be playing 99% of the time anyway.

Guitar Hero III has an edge with me. This is mainly because of the reports from sluggo regarding the current (or latest reported) state of the Rock Band guitar controllers, along with some additional concern as to how the vocals work. Additionally, the inconclusive evidence of whether or not the controllers will be wired or some of them wireless and some wired have me depressed.

Seriously, what the flying fuck. Rock Band is to be the greatest thing ever and yet it seems like they’re trying their damnedest to cripple it. Harmonix has shown they have the skills, so either they lost key members or the recent demonstrations have still been early beta; and all these kinks are being ironed out and it will turn out to be a smooth, inviting, and non-frustrating gaming experience. If not, I cry.

The current tracklists for both games, however, have me in love, especially with the Rock Band downloadable albums feature.

Sluggo, I look forward to any advanced reports on completed or near-completed builds for Rock Band and Guitar Hero III. As I currently stand, with your last report of the GHIII controllers being damn near perfect, GHIII is a “day-one” pickup, while right now Rock Band is a “wait and see.”

RedOctane handled the hardware end of Guitar Hero.

I’ll definitely be purchasing both, but I’m far more excited about the drumming in Rock Band than the guitar in either game.

I’m aware of that; I assumed, however, that Harmonix would work with MTV to make sure the RB controllers were the greatest damned things ever, and not follow the path of the abominations that were the 360 GHII X-Plorer controllers. Thus, I find it strange that the GHIII Les Paul controllers are supposedly so damn good when it was Red Octane that has been making the controllers for the GH series, which have apparently been of decreasing quality since the original Black SG for the PS2.

Rock Band is obviously going to rule, but I can’t help but be a little sceptical that many people will be able to actually form a band. It also requires each element to be as fun as any other in isolation.

I’ve been playing a lot of SingStar imports on my SwapMagic-ed PS2, and singing can be fun. Sort of. But it’s a totally different kind of gameplay. Perhaps it can bring in people who a) like to sing and b) don’t care for rhythm controllers, but I’m not sure how many of those people there are in the world.

Even without a singer, the prospect of bass + guitar + drums takes the genre to the next level. Drumming is gonna be awesome in concert with the guitars.

Rock Band by a wide margin. Can’t wait to try out that drum controller.


My wife and daughter keep on bugging me for a SingStar-type game for the 360. If Rock Band can fill that role it’s the winner.
Is there anything like SingStar planned for the 360 except for Rock Band?

Get off the couch and into the garage I say. ;)

Rock band or GH3; I want the one that comes with the long-blond hair wig so I can REALLY rock it out.

Both games are appealing, but after playing Rock Band with three friends at the Harmonix offices, Rock Band wins hands down.

I think it’ll be harder to get everyone together and playing at the same time, but it’s exponentially more fun than GH co-op.

I’m tired of the nickel and dime songs with GH series and I’m thinking Rock band is going to bring a lot more good music to the scene. I also feel I’ll get more selection than just tunes with good guitar sections.

I’d say GHIII. If only because I know what I’ve got with the GH controller . . . while the Rock Band stuff (particularly the drums) may be solid, or they may not.

Wait, you don’t think EA is going to nickel-and-dime you with downloadables?

I’m dismayed at the wireless/wired thing on 360, and that’s the only thing that’s keeping me from buying Rock Band on day one (I voted for RB). That, and I won’t have that kind of scratch when it comes out, either.

The singing part will be very appealing to non-gamers, who may be intimidated by having to press buttons or hit drums. I’ve seen it happen many times where someone who’s never played Guitar Hero turns down a chance to join the fun because they’re afraid they’ll embarass themselves by failing the song. I think the karaoke element, more than anything else, is going to be what makes Rock Band a huge success.

Drums, motherfuckers. DRUMS.

I love Guitar Hero 2 to death and will buy GH3 without a doubt, but only rocking out on that drum kit (hopefully with my girlfriend on bass or vocals) is going to make me squeal like a little girl.

At the very least, they’ll have to compete for our nickels and dimes.

I’d have a different poll: (Rock Band + GH3) vs (everything else). It would be a tough call for me, with TF2 / CoD4 / UT3 / GoW and maybe Crysis if it makes this year.

I’d call the GH3 vs Rock Band matchup even right now, for different reasons. I like GH3’s shred-heavy setlist and Les Paul guitar, while Rock Band has drums and the promise of weekly DLC. It’ll be interesting to see how the online features and guitar compatibilty works out.