What are you playing?

So everyone posts here about new games, new systems, news and so on but when you’re not getting paid to play for a review or edit your magazine or interview a developer or flog your own game, what do you play?

I’m playing a lot of Diablo II. I like having the new ladder full of fresh stuff where people aren’t slinging around their duped runeword items and so on. I’ve also recently discovered Atma, the single player muling program.

When I play on battle.net it’s only because I can trade items between my own characters. It’s frustrating to find a nice unique plate mail or a new piece of a good set and be playing the wrong character. I still play mostly on battle.net just because some cube recipies and some runewords are ladder only. If after this ladder season I don’t use those online only features I’ll just be playing single player from now on anyway.

Sims 2. The nightlife expansion is out, my daughter is having a blast designing people. The other day she designed a lady, her baby and her boyfriend, they all live with the ladies dad. I asked her if the woman was married to her boyfriend and she said no. Poor girl has been corrupted by the world already. I hope she’s not planning on having a baby and moving the boyfriend in with me in 20 years.

Stardock games, I love them because I don’t have to hunt for disks. Just click and play. Flatspace is a good pick up and play, it reminds me of Elite except docking isn’t a 20 minute fiasco.

Half life source, I’m slowly making my way through this, I didn’t play the original half life. Never has a FPS game freaked me out so much. When you turn a corner and one of those aliens phases in and starts shooting green rays I jump out of my seat.

Warcraft III, great game when you have a quick half hour or so. Everyone on Battle.net is such a dick, it actualy feels good to win because you know the dude actualy takes it personally.

So tell me what you’re actualy playing.

Neverwinter Nights modules. Can’t get away from this damn game.

Just finished Radiata stories. It has two endings, and I don’t really have the heart to go through the other ending. I’d really like to kick whoever designed the last maze. Vertical, with constant traps that would knock you back down. False ladders that would knock you back down. I quit in fury after getting within spitting distance of the end, when a trap knocked me the entire way down. Since both endings end in the same place, I really don’t want to go through it again.

Just bought Culdcept. Saw it in a store for $30 new, so I grabbed it.

I’ve also been putting time into Cave Story. PS2 USB adapter + RetroCON controller + Cave Story = love. Just like old times that never were.

Atelier Iris, waiting patiently for <3 Katamari

I tried playing Caesar III again, and then I remember how difficult it was. Other than that, Rebelstar is still keeping me fairly well entertained despite the clunky interface. I also have all these demos downloaded that I should really play eventually. I mean, how am I supposed to find time for games when I’m backlogged on demos?!

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Still mostly WoW, although I just cancelled my account so am trying to wind that down.

Played the retro64 shmup Platypus a bit this afternoon.

Logged back into the Anarchy Online free trial, figuing 9 months of WoW would make me more seasoned with MMOs and help me have a better idea what the hell was going on. It didn’t, so I logged back out again after walking about 100 feet and “nano healing” myself a couple times to confirm the location of the mana (nana?) bar.

Pretty much WoW for me at home. Dynasty Warriors, Ridge Racer, and Wipeout Pure on my PSP during my commute.

Ridge Racer and Lumines on the PSP, and Star Wars Battlefront on the PC.

I am currently rotating between Advance Wars DS, DaoC, and A really fun little MMO called Dofus (yeah I know).

Dofus is a french game that basically amounts to an MMO version of a console Strategy RPG complete with super cute cartoony characters. I started out playing it just for laughs but quickly found it to be rather engaging. A word of advice if you try it out don’t start with a Sacrier character as they seem to be probably the worst starting character class.

Resident Evil 4, again.
Watching the cpu fight itself in Smackdown vs. Raw, since it’s much more entertaining and unpredictable than the real thing.
The last mission of GTA:SA
Tekken 5

I’m still hooked on Battlefield 2. So much so that I think I’m going to become a supporting membrer of the TG servers once the next patch comes out. Leading a well organized squad is a beautiful thing.

Finishing sacred stones on GBA.

Intermittently still playing Space Rangers 2, although I seem to have burned out on it quickly.

Playing KOTOR 2 (Sith Lords) on XBox. Not terrible so far, but I’m glad I bought it used.

In the queue: Rebelstar for GBA. Advance Wars for DS.

I’m jonesing for a good 4x, but doubting Civ4 will be it.

Just got back into Children of the Nile again, thanks to a recent thread on the game.

I’m also playing through Deus Ex: Invisible War for the second time. Yeah, yeah. Everyone here thinks it sucks. Well I don’t, so bite me.

I tried to start playing Fallout again, but I’m getting the dreaded black screen refresh problem. Tried all the usual fixes as posted on various forums, but nothing seems to work. That sucks.

Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan! is still occupying my DS; I tend to go through a stage every other night on average. As a general rule of thumb, I really suck at rhythm games, but be damned if I don’t keep coming back to it.

In its GBA slot, I’ve been alternating lightly between Rebelstar (I’m only to the squad-command mission, so that’s barely just started) and Riviera, which is similarly pretty new. I give the latter props for giving the main character amnesia–but only after intro missions establish exactly what he forgot later on. It sort of fits in with the whole mechanics of the game of taking standard jrpg tropes and abstracting away much of the fiddly disguising bits. So far I really like the dungeon-navigation abstraction–it’s irritated me far less than Golden Sun’s mazewalk-interrupted-every-five-seconds-with-unchallenging-combats, at least so far.

PCwise, I play bits of Space Rangers still. It really screams out to be a portable game, I think, as I tend to play it only in relatively short bursts. It’s a good thing they didn’t make it for PSP, because my budget doesn’t need that right now, and it’d probably push me right over the purchase-edge for it, like I expect the eventual Katamari on it will.

I tried a bit of Rebelstar for the GBA/DS but that merely got me nostalgic for X-Com which got me nostalgic for Abomination, mentioned in a recent thread anyhow, so that’s what I’m playing.

The friggin’ Dreamcast thread got me jonesing for Tokyo Xtreme Racer but I didn’t feel like hooking up the old console. Instead I’ve got an order in for TXR3 which I’ll probably be playing like a fool for a while once it gets in.

Also I’ve been playing some Morrowind what with all the talk about Oblivion, babeless or not, lately.

May well load up Europa 1400: The Guild today and get back into that. Reading about the upcoming sequel’s gotten me nostalgic yet again.

I would be playing the crap out of Space Rangers and Silent Hunter III but I’ve still managed to avoid getting a DVD drive. :)

Replaying BG1 with a Cavalier using BGTutu. Actually, I never finished this game the first time through. For some reason, I stalled out once I got to the city and never got back to it.

When I’m finished I’m going to continue with BG2 and finish off with ToB. Who thinks I’ll actually make it through w/o getting bored? :)

Radiata Stories, Riviera, and Ossu! Tatake! Ouendan!

I’ve also been playing a lot of Diablo II since the ladder reset. My interest is starting to wane a bit though, as lately the lag has been horrible, boss runs are taking a lot longer on the bigger maps, I’m not really finding anything interesting, my current build turns out to be not all that great for uber runs…

Otherwise, on the PC I’ve been playing The Bard’s Tale (new), and occasionally a bit of GTR and Colin McRae 05 when the driving urge hits. I haven’t touched the PS2 in a while, but when I do it’ll be to get a little farther into GTA:SA and Dynasty Warriors 5.

And I have the requisite backlog of barely-touched games that I’ll never get around to at this rate. Damn you, D2! I could have completed four of those in the same time I’ve spent on you lately…

I am also into Children of the Nile (which is one of those games that had been sitting in an unopened box since I got it last year), thanks to the recent thread. Also a bit of:

Metal Gear Acid
City of Heroes
Space Rangers 2

My latest obsession has been the roguelike Dungeon Crawl. Lots of Rome: Total War and a couple of Operational Art of War PBEM games.