What are your favorite HL2 mods?

I’m sure this has been talked about before, but I didn’t see anything recent.

At any rate, after playing through the excellent Research and Development mod recently, my interest in HL2 mods has been reawakened. I’m playing through Minerva right now, which is supposed to be one of the best, but I’m wondering what some other are that really stand out. In particular, are there any that break away from the HL2 setting? While I like Minerva and R&D, both do have that “been there, done that” aspect to them that makes them feel like further extensions of the game. It seems like something more interesting could be done with the Source engine then that.

I play a lot of Insurgency, a multiplayer modern infantry combat mod. I’ve also played a lot of Dystopia and more recently Neotokyo, but I’m on the fence a bit with the latter.

I wrote about a lot of Half-Life 2 mods in my (now defunct) Modify column for GameSpy. Just click on any links with HL2 in the title.

Been playing a mod called Modular Combat, lately.

FPS + experience grinding + PvM and DM/TDM


Kinda fun. The dev team for it is still pretty active.

I finished Minerva tonight. Pretty good with some challenging puzzles. I don’t know if I missed it or what, but the wikipedia page for the game seems to suggest a lot more backstory then what I experienced. At any rate my only complaint would be that sometimes the designer seemed to assume the player would know and remember landmarks and previous locations. There were times when I was left not really understanding where I was supposed to go or what to do. Luckily there is a full walkthrough of the mod on YouTube that I was able to utilize.

I always did like The Hidden, though I haven’t played it in a while, so I’m not up to date on how it’s changed in the last year or so.

I tested out Empires back in the wee early days of it, but again I’ve fallen behind on that as well (I have this bad habit…).

I’m just waiting for Black Mesa Source and Natural Selection 2. Andy’s column reminded me of Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2 which was pretty fun the last time I played.

NeoTokyo, Insurgency, Resistance & Liberation, Dystopia, the Hidden.

Are there any good singleplayer mods/total conversions for HL2 except for Minerva, R&D and BMS?

Dear Esther is a short singleplayer mod, worth a look.

Wow thanks, I read RPS but did not catch this; downloading now.

In this thread I maintain a list of single player HL2 mods that Qt3 members recommend. I keep it to single player only because at the time I started it, I believe there was already a thread for multiplayer HL2 mods, and they are something I’m not really interested in, and I figured the same was true for a few other members here.

So if any of the above recommendations are single player mods, do post in that other thread with your recommendation and I will add them to the list. Note that I don’t add mods that haven’t been released yet. So I’m predicting that I’ll never add Black Mesa: Source. Hopefully I’m wrong and that will actually come out one day, but right now it’s a pie in the sky.

I just added Dear Esther. Thanks for the heads up.

Ahh, Natural Selection was one of my favorite HL1 mods. I’m looking forward to NS2 although the team behind it eventually ditched Source and elected to build their own engine instead. So it’s not really a HL2 mod anymore.

And will also get released way past the point of anyone caring anymore.

Nah, I’ll be all over NS2 when it comes out, regardless of the platform, solely based on the strength of the original game.

I just played through that.

I’m speechless.