What are your favorite sports games if you have any?

What are your favorite sports games?

Double Dribble
Tecmo Bowl
Front Page Sports Football (our group loved making our own plays in this)
whatever the last NCAA football game was from EA.
the original Deathtrack (car racing is a sport, right?)

Fishing Sim World
Fifa 20
Everybody’s Golf

Super Mega Baseball 2 (3 is around the corner), Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition… I think that’s it.

EDIT: Just remembered Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge, which I really liked. Pretty good rugby game, but I don’t think it’s available for sale anymore, and I think that series died a few years back.

My current favorites:
Out of the Park Baseball
Super Mega Baseball 2
Mutant Football League

Out of the Park Baseball is a hardy perennial.

MLB The Show has fallen back over the last two years, for me. I don’t like the introduction of arcade elements but I don’t see anyone else complaining so it’s probably just me.

I haven’t played Madden for a few years, and probably won’t ever again, but it gets unfairly maligned and is a great game. I played in a franchise for a long time with 20-32 other owners depending on time of year, with enforced realistic rules, and it was awesome.

The Golf Club franchise.

Don Bradman Cricket.

I really liked an early PC release of Tiger Woods, might have been 1999 or 2000? It was really awesome for online tournaments.

My favourite baseball game is Pro Yakyu Spirits 2010 for the PSP, but it’s in Japanese. I really enjoyed the gameplay of 2020 and Stars 2 on the Neogeo back then, but they are not the same kind of games.
Speaking of Neogeo, Neo Turf Master is one of the finest pad powered golfing experience. It’s available for iOS too.

Out of the Park
All of the Wolverine Sports games

Old skool Champ Manager when it didn’t take 15 hours to do a season
Front Office Football back when the dodgy GUI didn’t seem as bad
Ashes Cricket (BigAnt series)
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on the Speccy
Football Masters on the Amiga

I haven’t loved sports games in a long time, in terms of titles you actually played (not sims).

The 94 titles (Madden and NHL) + Bill Walsh College Football remains the heyday for me, for pure fun. This era also featured Tecmo Super Bowl, a very different but none-the-less amazing game. Tecmo Basketball was pretty good too but my group couldn’t get into the baseball game for some reason. The SNES has a couple of stealthily awesome titles as well. The weird but fun NCAA Basketball, and Super Star Soccer (a real gem, and maybe my favorite sports game of the era).

I used to play lots of sims but it’s been awhile since I did. I can’t remember the last version of Out Of The Park I played (probably 4-5 years ago). It’s a great franchise though.

I liked Super Mega Baseball specifically because it wasn’t super “realistic” although the great flexibility in the difficulty allowed you to really tailor the experience. From a playing perspective, I’m less interested in getting hyper realistic. I’m curious about the third as it will feature a franchise mode and this gets closer to what I’m really pining for. Something sports RPGish, basically. That said, my ideal title would also allow me to do something like “simulate” the parts I don’t feel like at the time (like maybe I just want to hit for the next stretch of games). But I like the idea of managing the progression of one or more players and being able to change that somewhat. Something deeper than the later Madden franchise modes. Super Techmo III Final Edition and Baseball Stars on the NES were the two titles closest to what I’ve wanted and I haven’t really seen anything like this since. Giving you resources you could use to improve players between games, and giving you some mechanism to climb up (as it were). both had plenty of flaws though (and that’s setting aside that Baseball Stars had like the worst battery in the history of console cartridges).

I never did get into The Show, although I like a lot of what that is supposed to be doing. But the thought of playing through a baseball season - even just in bits and pieces - is exhausting.

Mine are NBA live 06 2k17 mlb 19,mvp 05 madden 06 madden 16 all star baseball 05 NFL 2k5

Out of the Park Baseball might be my favorite game, period.

Some others:
Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo Super Bowl. (I still play these occasionally.)
Nintendo World Cup
Virtua Tennis
PS2-era Maddens for American football. The gameplay became too slow in the pursuit of realism after those.
PS2-era Winning Eleven/Pro Evo
Whatever the last Links was
College Hoops 2K8
NCAA Football 13
Tennis Elbow.
Super Mega Baseball 2 is great. I’m really looking forward to 3.
Pyre’s a solid fictional sport game.
Most Mario sports games that I’ve played are good (except for Mario Tennis on Switch).
Golf Story, of course.

I think my ideal sports game would be something with fast-playing arcade-style gameplay with highly detailed sim aspects. So, if I could play my OOTP games in Super Mega Baseball. Or an American football OOTP equivalent with Tecmo Super Bowl gameplay. I’ve been interested in Big Ant’s cricket games, but they never seem to go on sale.

/me goes into the corner and cries again over the death of this franchise

Threads like this feel like I’m filling out a survey. I see the OP has done a few of this style already - just a way to get a conversation rolling?

Was wondering the same thing. Especially when OP forgot he started one thread about Batman’s ears on this forum already and started a second one. And started a similar threads on at least a couple of other separate forum platforms I could find.

I share your view about the baseball games, which is what made my favourite stand out. It had sort of a Football Manager approach, with hidden talents and stats that are revealed (or not) over the course of the season.
“Realistic” stats are a plus (not realistic per say, but believable in the context of the game: if I get a crazy homerun hitter, I expect some of the other teams to have one too. “Consistent” might be a better word).

Number 1 has to be LINKS, every iteration starting with the first. I just kept collecting courses and they kept providing upgraded versions if you owned the old ones, and I loved having an enormous library of courses. Played hundreds and hundreds of hours.

I love that someone brought up Double Dribble. So many fond memories of that. Wonder if it would hold up today. There’s a new game that looks inspired by it that I’m curious about.

On the NES front: Ice Hockey was great. And Super Blood Hockey (currently 66% off apparently!) is a great homage.

Does Bloodbowl count?

That sort of thing would be very cool. You mentioned Stars 2 on the Neogeo, would that be Baseball Stars 2 by chance?

A good example of this, IMO: Baseball Simulator 1000/family for the NES/etc. If you aren’t familiar, it was a very arcadey baseball game but you could create a team of players. The game literally handed out stats for you to assign and IIRC it let you “Favor” to areas. So you might have 200 HR to distribute among your 8 fielders and say 3 bench hitters, and XXX batting average, etc. If you gave a hitter 40 or 50 HR they were HR machines. But any hitter in the game could be (if one played without all the trick moves/pitches/etc it was a bit easy though), and facing a hitter with that many HR was always dangerous. I like that sort of thing.

And I didn’t mind that in a 20something game season, my best hitter might hit 40+ actual HR. Any great HR hitter could, in theory. It didn’t have a good simulation engine (it is an NES game after all) so it could have handled that part better, but the concept is reasonable in context.

In the 80s my favorite sports game were probably Ed Ringler’s Sportstime games. I played many hours of his hockey game. I loved the basketball game as well, but I didn’t have it for long before my 1541 drive gave up the ghost and I got a pc for graduation a few months later. I remember a number of baseball games in the 90s, and there was a online stats based league in the early 90s with dialup modem by a place that also did online golf tournaments. I’m not sure what I would consider my favorite of the 90s baseball games. I think I had some of the stats ones like apba, something called diamond dynasty or something like that. Then there was Tony LaRussa Baseball from SSI, and Front Page Sports had a baseball game as well.