What Bob Dole really thinks about Bush's tactics

A leaked video reveals what Bob Dole really thinks about Bush’s tactics

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Sucks about the cancer, but 97 years is a damn good run.

I’m kind of surprised he is still alive.

I certainly didn’t vote for him in his Presidential run, but sometimes I still visit his '96 campaign website, dolekemp96.org.

Yeah really. I’m actually surprised doctors are treating a 97 year old for cancer. Seems like this is one of those times where you’d just tell him to go enjoy the rest of his life. Eat whatever you want for what time you have left, Bob!

I knew Bob Dole had arm injuries from WW2, but I had no idea how bad he had been injured:

While Bob was in the hospital, he met another, war hero turned Senator, Dan Inouye of Hawaii. They bonded and became life-long friends. One of the saddest things about the pandemic is that unlike WWII, which tended to bonded-politicians across parties or at least made them respect each other. There seems to be no sign this is occurring.

Right. Because one of the parties has completely lost touch with reality.