What budget card is the same power as a 9700?

One of the kid’s computers has a defective 9700 video card. What is the cheapest agp card I could get that matchest its power?

A Radeon 9700 non-pro? I’d be surpised if you can buy a card less powerful than that if you tried.

I’m pretty sure low-end/integrated X1300/NV6150/6200 are slower than a 9700 Pro in DX8 games still.

Not sure about AGP 7300 though.

Get a 7600GS? It’s faster, but pretty cheap.

I think the 6600 would be closest to the 9700 Pro, if you could find it. Otherwise, something from the 7300 line, or maybe the low end of the X1300 spectrum.

7600gt or 7600gs, by far the best bang for the buck of the 7-series (not sure if there’s an 8-series equivalent at that price point yet). And it sips power too. ATI’s stuff is much more power-hungry.

Uh, replace it with the same thing so you don’t have to go through Driver Nightmare???

It’s pretty easy to locate one:

My 9700 just died as well, so they may all be nearing the end of their life.

FIDGAF, I don’t know what video card so traumatized you that you keep having “driver nightmares.” All I can say is I’ve used several video cards from both nVidia and ATI over the years and I’ve never had trouble switching from one to the other. At this point, the driver uninstallers for both brands are pretty good, in my experience.

Anyway, Rob, if you’re looking at new cards, for ~$100 I would get an X1650 Pro; the 7600GS is about the same price, but a bit slower in most benchmarks. EDIT: the 7600GT is significantly faster than both, but an AGP 7600GT is ~$170 - probably more than you want to spend.

I recently upgraded from a 9800 Pro to a EVGA NVidia 7800GS OC AGP, RMA’d 2X, Blue Screens, etc. That’s after using Driver Cleaner after the ATI uninstaller. I replaced the EVGA with a BFG 7800GS OC and still have issues now and again.

I have never had a problem with ATI drivers nor their cards, but I hear some people do. The X1650 is a pretty decent card, I’ve seen it in action. Lots of bang for the buck for an aging system. Just make sure it’s got plenty of breathing room around it so it doesn’t run hot.

Last time this happened I ended up getting an x800 pro for free from a relative. Well, it happened again. My other son’s computer had its ATI 9700 flake out. What is the cheapest agp relacement I can get today that will give the same or better performance? At newegg they have

Geforce FX 5200
Radeon 9250
Radeon 9550
Radeon x1550
Geforce 5500
Geforce 6200

At the high end they have radeon 2600pro and Geforce 7600 but i’m not sure I want to put down $100 for an agp card.

ALL of those are much slower. You’ll notice they’re lower 9x00 Radeons.

Of the cards you listed, the only ones worth considering are the 6200 and X1550; at least both of them would do modern Pixel Shaders 3.0 stuff, albeit rather slowly.

I found a notebook website that compared a mobile 9700 versus a mobile 6200, and I think it’s fair to assume the relative performance versus the two is similar in non-mobile versions. The 6200 was slower by a decent amount (900 versus 1200 in 3DMark 05), but relatively speaking, the site rated X1450 mobiles higher than the 6200.

If ATI is being honest with its number, with a 1550 being between a 1450 and 1600 in performance, it seems like it’d be the best bet.

Call ATI and try to RMA it.

Otherwise, just buy a new dell for yourself and give the kid your old computer, then donate his old computer to bald cancer kids for the tax break. Don’t sink more money into an ancient piece of crap.

Rendition Verite V1000.

Of the cards listed, I’d say the X1550 Pro is the fastest. I’m guessing you’re looking at this one? I recommend spending a little more and getting an X1650 Pro instead: it’s substantially faster than the X1550 in some benchmarks. The 2600 Pro is better still and after shipping & rebates is only another 20 bucks; but now you’re in the grey area of “How Much Is Too Much on an Old PC?”

Some brief benchmarks here.

Diamond Stealth II S220

Between $65 and $75, Newegg has a collection of Ati 1650 pro, Ati HD2600 pro and Nvidia 7600GS cards, that fit your requirements. This X1650Pro has a $20 mail-in rebate, bringing it down to $45 + $6 shipping + tax.

Edit: reviews for that card aren’t too hot. Still, for $65, there are alternatives.

You’ve got to be crazy sinking $75 into an old computer when you can buy a brand spanking new dell with a warranty for $300.

Holy crap, I have one in my basement. And it’s got the faster Verite V2200!