What console game you playin' now?

NBA Street Vol 2 fo’ Cube, bitches.

Soul Calibur 2 for Cube.

Guitar Hero 1 and 2 for Sony’s last success.

Next gen? Wake me when I can get a Wii for $150 and I’m on it.

Disgaea 2 for PS2, bitches.

Oh, and Mario Kart DS if we’re counting handhelds.

Pikmin 2 on my Wii, Wii Sports, and Zelda

Does Street Fighter Alpha 3 on Gametap count as a console game?

Oh, and Zelda.

Gears of War multi.
Rainbow 6 Vegas multi.
Smackdown v Raw 2007
Need for Speed Carbon
Viva Pinata

I think I’m nearing the end of Chibi-Robo on the Wii, which I’m having a goodly amount of fun with. It’s still $10 and worth getting if the concept interests you, and you don’t mind childish graphics / dialogue (the gameplay’s quite solid).

Elite Beat Agents / Red Steel are en route from GameFly.

I’m still working on Final Fantasy XII, Okami, and Dead Rising.

God of War, Prince of Persia, Medal of Honor, Brothers in Arms, Legend of Zelda.

I’ve resumed playing Advance Wars Dual Strike on my DS. I brought it along on my recent trip and it rekindled my love of this game.

If only it was Internet multiplayer playable…

I expect to really get some time playing Zelda on my Wii, but that’s still to come.

Taking a momentary X360 break, other than the occasional foray into my Viva Pinata garden.

Just finished Call of Duty 3 for thrixty. Wasn’t a great game, but kept me entertained enough to the end. Just seemed so shallow and linear after R6 and Gears.

Now playing Viva Pinata and Just Cause.

I’ve got too many irons in the fire at the moment, do to an overabundance of gift certificates this Xmas:

Guitar Hero 2
Castlevania: PoR
Final Fantasies III, V and XII

I got sucked into replaying Psychonauts after the last 360 BC patch. (“I am the Milkman. I deliver the milk.”) I’m also relaxing with Viva Pinata.

Afterwards, I plan to get back to Okami and the Guitar Heros. There’s also a few things in the Katamaris that I haven’t unlocked.

Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy III (though, it has been on hold while I finish up Zelda).

Guitar Hero 2. finished the medium campaign, unlocked all the songs, now the younger sons and I are trying for better scores on the multiplayer (ie replace 3 star performances with 4 or 5) and the oldest and his friends play multi on expert; I find it hard just to watch that fast, let alone play.

Viva Pinata is still sucking up a lot of my time. I also borrowed Blazing Angels form my friend and I’m having more fun with that than I expected.

Me too, actually. I never finished Psychonauts, because my girlfriend kept hogging the Xbox to play it. So I fired it up yesterday. What a brilliant game.

I bought myself Final Fantasy XII and Guitar Hero 2 for xmas, so those are taking up my time.

I got Gears of War for Xmas, which I’ve already finished (started over on Hardcore but I’m putting it away for a bit). I also got God of War, which sucks, Kingdom Hearts, which sucks, and Dragon Quest 8, which is well done but just too old school for me. So I guess I’ll be playing more Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

Just finished up Twilight Princess last night, which made me want to play through Wind Waker again, so I started in on it. I probably won’t finish it, but goddam is it just a lovely game, superior to TP in a few ways in my opinion. I’ve been meaning to start in on Space Rangers 2 (not a console game, I know) which I got from D2D shortly after christmas. I’ve made a few false starts into it, but so far it hasn’t really grabbed me. I might try to make another pass at Okami before Burning Crusade comes out. Once that hits it’s probably pretty much over for a month or two console wise.

Wii Sports
Rayman Raving Rabbids