What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Fools! Everyone knows the proper birds to use with ring bearers are eagles, preferably giant ones if your wizard is skilled enough to summon them.


Yup, looked like that to me, too.


I dunno, don’t they usually arrive almost too late and cause a lot of unnecessary drama?


They’re doing stuff, Lori, things.


Good for leaving places though. Not so good on arrivals strangely.



What is it about Aurora, Colorado that produces all this weird shit?


There’s something in the urine.


Doesn’t record-setting-orgy conflict with what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas?



son i am disappoint


lol It’s up to 3 now.
You curious bastards.


One of them was me.


So, report please!


The FAQ, to its credit, underlined the lengths they are going through to make this event to be a safe placed erected on the principle of mutual consent.

One question asked about STDs. “Oh, we give out condoms, paper towels, hand sanitizer, etc!” I think they could, or should, go a little farther on the health side of things.


You have to bring your own date.


They apparently grant exceptions to this rule. I assume it means you bribe them extra.


Oh, right, we already know what might go wrong.



That’s hilarious. Obviously a joke. Right?!


I think there are a whole series of prank boxes like that. Whether this is one or a one-off I dunno.