What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


I assumed it meant they were were-goats.


Were NT Goats.
They totally revamped the old goat OS with new technology.


Can we please use proper grammar here on the boards?

Whomst’ve Goats Are This?


Hey 13-year-old, your idiot friends are egging you on to coat yourself with butane and rubbing alcohol and set yourself on fire so they can record it. They aren’t the ones who’ll have burns over 30% their bodies. Wait until you what debridement means.

Oh, you’ll have those burn scars forever. And they messed up your tattoos. I also doubt many of your friends will visit you in juvie when you go back since you violated your house arrest terms.

We all may have flashes of brilliance from time to time, but stupidity sticks around forever.


One of our major clients when I was doing packaging, was a company who made the debridment creams. The literature for Santyl could be quite graphic.

Especially when they used a mix of full gloss and spot touch coatings. Really made the scar tissue pop.

Anyhow teenagers can be dumb, and since my father was a firefighter, like you, I heard stories. Always wear your helmet folks.


Tattoos chosen by a 13 year old are probably awesome.


I am sure our leaders will be wise in deploying such technology.


If these genetic modifications entail some kind of copyright mechanism, such as these plants will no longer produce viable seed / offspring without some special genetic unlock code, then we are doomed.

Because I am quite sure, despite countless assurances, these insects will escape and modify a shit-ton of things they are not supposed to. I worry enough about the pollen of GM plants spreading this stuff already. I do not need bugs which can reproduce and spread across the entire planet.


This does not sound smart.

They’re fighting the Spotted Lanternfly here in PA and they know that we lack its main predator overseas but they’re in no hurry to introduce another species of bug into the environment here as a counter because no one knows what other problems that bug could unleash. That’s just smart.



Nothing to worry about, I hear it’s unsinkable.


Wait until you hear the name of the project director on this: Clive Mensink.

Not kidding.


Well at least there’s a lot less ice along the way now.


Is there a word for funny yet heartbreaking?


Look man we just wrapped up coining Millenihilism; we’re making up words to cope with 2018 as fast as possible!


How about fuartbreaking?


We’re already using that as a synonym for crop dusting.


Irony ennui


As long as the replica Titanic waits to sail until all the polar ice has melted, it should be fine.


Unsinkable, eh?