What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


They’ll have to navigate carefully around the statue of liberty’s torch as they make their way to the Allentown harbor.


Best line of the article : “There’s no word on what happened to the spiders.”


They were just burned up about the whole thing.


Please tell me that was one of Elon Musk’s Boring “flamethrowers”.


See what happens when stupid people take the “burn it with fire” meme to heart?


“Although the exact cause of the blaze is under investigation, firefighters believe the blowtorch was to blame.”

Pretty safe assumption.


Aw, the poor thing. How could you?



Spiders in the USA? If it’s not a black widow or a brown recluse and if your wife doesn’t see it, ignore it.

Spiders in Krayzkrok-land? Flamethrower time!


Black widows really aren’t that bad for most people. They mostly just hide.


We have brown recluse here in Missouri. I had a colleague who bitten by one. Her leg took more than a year to heal. In fact, I’m not sure it ever fully healed. She just stopped talking about it.

I was getting my lawnmower out of the shed a couple of weeks ago for the final mowing of the year, and a tiny brown spider started rapidly climbing the handle towards me. I quickly backed away and got my version of a flamethrower. I hosed that sucker down and got everything off it.

Anyway, the brown recluse frightens me.


I feel like this thread could become a recursive loop back to the guy-burns-house-down-with-blowtorch story.


Or we could look forward to seeing Shelob and Unogoliant pictures in the pet thread…


Intelligent weapons systems, yep, that always works well.


Three scenarios:

  1. minor success/failure: most optimistic

  2. epic success: very good way to kill people, very efficient, lots of people die. Not good.

  3. epic fail: very good way to kill people, but it kills all of them, not good either.


Highschool students trying to come up with AI breakthroughs? Come on. It’s a bad joke.



As high school students, sure. As grad students?


The point is not that they are AI experts, it’s that they are young enough to not have formed a sophisticated morality to push back against dangerous requests. If they asked 40 year old AI expert researchers to create killer robot swarms, they would say NO or build in solid fail-safes. These “smartest” kids will become their own obedient natural intelligence to create their dream killer AI.


Well, I suppose if BIT is recruiting for a new specialized undergrad major program funded by the military they would obviously select high school grads.

But for actual R&D meant to accomplish something useful, I’m sure they could find dozens and dozens of utterly dedicated professionals with the right skills and no compunctions whatsoever.


Increasingly, I am thinking that the Internet should have been developed with an off switch.