What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


The Good will drown out the Bad! … or something like that.


The US is clearly unable to defend itself without endangering First Amendment and privacy rights.



Looks like a Darwin award candidate. Glad the authorities stopped him before anyone else got hurt.


He told a deputy that it was only a hobby. He liked to make ‘fireworks’.


Hobby I could see until you see the switches he was making. Honestly, there’s inky one reason for that type of switch.


No news yet on whether he is a Trump supporter or not. (Yes I am politicizing this thread.)


Woops, trying to type my earlier response on a phone in doctor’s office didn’t work out too well. LOL



Could go in several threads but I thought this was the most amusing.


It’s almost as if this self-proclaimed adventurer, explorer and missionary never actually read a single word about the history of adventurers, explorers and missionaries. On top of that, this idiot probably just exposed the entire population of the island to pathogens they have zero natural defense for. Jesus is not impressed.


Did the thoughts and prayers not protect him? I can’t believe he forgot to do the thoughts and prayers.



What if he was an evangelist for progressivism and LGBTQ tolerance?


This is just sad.


The progressives are probably why these islanders remain so isolated. The Prime Directive and all that.



I’m kinda torn on this…on the one hand, gene editing is a really powerful tool that could do a lot of good. On the other hand, the ways it could be abused are endless.


The other shoe drops.

The president of He’s university called an emergency gathering of researchers connected to the project. “This has nothing to do with SUST, the research wasn’t conducted at SUST, and the researchers are currently suspended without pay,”… . According to the school’s biology department the research “seriously violates ethical and academic standards and regulations.”


Gengineering introduces all sorts of ethical quandries, should it be restricted to repairing defects, what is a defect, but I love my downer baby just as he is, what if I want a baby with blue eyes, etc, etc, the usual barrel of shit. The response to this has been to ban it wholesale.

Problem is that technology advances, and gets easier and cheaper, and sometimes that happens faster than you think is possible. Think self-driving cars five years ago, they were science-fiction.

Soon you’ll be able to download the specs off the internet and tailor a virus to do pretty much whatever you want. And if we don’t research appropriate uses for this technology and methods to control it, it’s gonna become commoditized and someone will buy a Chinese ripoff builder kit off gearbest.com for $199 to gengineer a super ebola that’s contagious like measles and we’re all gonna die.


We should not be engineering perfect babies. This will setup the ultimate arms race for perfection in people, casting away millions or billions who did not have the money to manufacture their children in the future. Eugenics will destroy humanity as it almost did once before.

Generally, when people are that rich - and that narcissistic that they need to engineer traits in their off-spring they will also engender the worst of humanities traits in those kids.

So they don’t know who sponsored the research? I know the type that would sponsor that kind of unregulated human guinea pig research and they’re pure scum: