What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Home defence seems like the obvious use - why isn’t that on there?


…a fun device to enjoy with friends

What. The. Hell?


I think they should put hunting on there. :P


“This little beauty is the ultimate time saver! For only $99.99 you too can have the ultimate hunters friend. Catch and cook your prey all at once! Mmmm, fire roasted squirrel”


What? It’s perfect for that impromptu weenie roast after a few cold ones. …


Perfect opportunity for that valuable Spaceballs licensing tie-in.


Can I get that shipped in component form? I am pretty sure Aussie customs are going to frown upon deliveries of fully functional flame throwers…


Order it via Amazon drone delivery service.


I’m sure home insurance companies would disagree, as would their lawyers.


Ya know, some honey sounds pretty good. Look, there’s a hive up in that tree, free honey! What could go wrong?

Three men had as many as 50 stings each after climbing up a tree to try to get some free honey. They were transported around midday Sunday to an area hospital, according to Pasco County Fire Rescue.
“They were covered in bees, their beards, their hair, their clothes,” neighbor Tom Johnson said. “Bees were everywhere.”


This feels mandatory.


Like many stories I read, it goes like this. “Ha ha… oh my god, ha, ha, wait, Pasco* county? God damnit it’s my state again.”

*substitute any florida county/city


Florida gun store owner wants to serve alcohol at Daytona Beach shooting range

Because Florida. But to be fair, Oklahoma beat them to it.


To be fair, reading it he isn’t completely nuts about it. You can’t go on the range for 24 hours after three drinks and you can’t bring firearms into the food and drink area. If you show up drunk to start with you aren’t getting on the range either. Sounds like it’s about the same as putting an Applebee’s next to the range in the big picture.


Last I heard they are okaying the gun range/store/restaurant, but not the liquor license.


Remember this? They raised almost $160k, nearly 4 times their $40k goal. They’re up and running and shipping now, $899 each.

But wait…they’re not the only ones!

A company named XMatter is also selling flamethrowers, and they did a better job with their URL: http://throwflame.com/ They’re charging $1600 each, though. Also they sell Napalm Mix.

Ohio and Michigan. Where the redneck love of burning things meets an industrial tradition that’s just waiting to mass-produce flamethrowers.


Get in line - demand is sure to be high now that they’ve hit CNN


Flamethrower as a “Fun Device”?

That’s just crazy.


I checked out the Napalm Mix page. It is honestly frightening. Napalm is horrible stuff. Am I on a list now? I mean, another list.


Flamethrower as a toy is like a trampoline as a toy, someone’s gonna get hurt and it won’t be pretty.