What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


This exact type of thing Dr. He did? It will never be ubiquitous and cheap because it involves IVF. The gene editing? Yes, the rest - nope.


You’re assuming that IVF will always be expensive when of course that is not true. A lot of the price is the drugs these days, and the procedure itself costs half as much in Canada as the US. New processes and automation will bring that price down too.


It’s not just a drug…

I mean… we’re talking about manipulating the genes of babies… .the thing we get like a 130 mil of each year.


What? They don’t do that with IVF yet.

Not to repeat myself, but betting against technology getting cheap and readily available is not wise.


Name a medical breakthrough in the last 30 years that is cheap and relatively available today.

Did you think of a few? Me too. Now name one that doesn’t come in a bottle.

And technology has a tendency to disappoint futurists. It’s 2018, where is my personal flying car, holodeck, and mechanical butler?


IVF is way more than a drug and it’s not like it’s a one time visit either. It’s not exactly new tech either, and it’s expensive, long and not without risks.

The other statement ts a reminder of what we’re talking about, fixing babies and how many there are.


In this case, likely nothing. Sparks from a grinder are hot but tiny. People get sprayed with them on a job all the time, but don’t get burned. At that distance the guy could spray that tank all day and not have a problem. Unless, of course, there is a leak.


Off the top of my head, transplants, prosthetics, PET radiology, the artificial pancreas (insulin pump), gene therapy, microbiome therapy, ultrasound, neuromodulation for seizures and tremors, and electric pulses for cluster headaches come to mind.

When did I say IVF was just a drug, a one-time visit, new, cheap, or not risky? You built a whole platoon of straw men.

I said IVF is getting cheaper and that will continue, and that is so. It’s expensive right now due to the artificially high costs of the drugs, healthcare in the US, and the fact that it requires a procedure and lab work.

We have millions of babies per year, and at the start, only wildly rich people will customize their kids. Then prices will drop for that too.


None of those are cheap!


My Ukranian friend smokes at gas stations. He said in Soviet Ukraine, they would extinguish cigarettes in gasoline.


Well, if you take your healthy friend’s poop, and put it in a blender, and put it in a turkey baster, and wipe margarine or olive oil on the tip of the turkey baster, and sit up against the wall so your anus faces straight up, and put the tip of the lubed turkey in your butthole, and press the turkey baster bulb so your friend’s poop goes up your butt, you just microbiomed yourself on the cheap.


What the hell stusser, you said a lot of the price is drugs. Fine, prove it. Show me the invoice where the bulk of the IVF experience is just a drug price.


“A lot of the price is the drugs” is not, in any sane person’s mind, equivalent to “it’s just a drug”.


It’s way more than a drug, but do go on, show me the invoices, the cost analysis that says it is

Prove that.




LOL, I was going to write “None of those are cheap except that microbiome stuff, which is worthless.” It was a rare decision to avoid being pedantic. Never again.



This terrifies me on several levels. Is this a thing (no, this is a rhetorical question)? Why did you know this (again, rhetorical)! If you just made this up…

I can appreciate that you are an idiosyncratic dude, we all have are things, but holy shit man!


no u 

@CraigM: Oh yes, it’s a real thing! And it actually works for some diseases, your gut bacteria matter more than you might think. I did skip one step, you need to take antibiotics to kill off your gut flora before basting your guts with your buddy’s dooker.


You can’t because it’s not true. the Procedures themselves are expensive. It’s a bullshit statement, but you’re the one claiming it’s mostly drugs and then you got pissy and tried to pin that statement on me.


There actually is one occasion that calls for a “fecal enema”, namely gut infection with C dif (which cannot compete against normal gut flora). But when it’s medically necessary, it’s expensive!

Also, C dif infection is caused by killing your normal gut flora with antibiotics. So please ignore stusser’s advice!