What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


That study found 3 deaths out of 17 people with the mutation, compared to 7 out of 141 people without.

It’s a significant difference, but just barely. Given the small sample size, the actual added risk may be very small, or extremely high. “Fourfold higher” is a split-the-difference estimate that raises more questions then it answers. I put very little faith in that figure, and therefore it is hard to make a confident answer as to whether the mutation helps or hurts.

Like I said, a drug that blocked CCR5 would certainly merit further testing. Even in places like China.


Lo and behold, a CCR5 inhibitor already exists! And not only that, it is already FDA approved and is sold by Pfizer under the brand name Selzentry.


Urban Axes, the newest recreational axe throwing location in the region will start its first local competitive league Jan. 15-16

“The newest”? There are more?


Yeah, I have seen multiple news stories and podcasts about the proliferation of axe throwing over the last year or two. Don’t know anybody who’s done it, though.

Apparently one opened here in 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpIm9ly6ggQ

Edit: Ha! It’s byob, too!


An old D&D buddy of mine built a pretty nice axe throwing, uh…range? in his backyard a few years ago. As far as I know, it’s still the centerpiece of his house parties to this day, though we kinda drifted apart.




We’ve got an axe throwing place in Greenville:

It’s actually* pretty fun, but at $20/person/hour, something I’d just recommend trying once. Glad I did it, but not worth the money to do regularly.

They have pretty reasonable and thorough safety rules, though I’ve gotta say enforcement can be a problem. I’ve been a handful of times just as a non-paying, non-playing member of other groups, and on at least one occasion there was another group just being complete assholes**. Throwing two axes at once, throwing a second axe while there was already one stuck in the board, doing all sorts of stuff you’re specifically told not to do. They couldn’t stop trying to out-macho each other; they were just generally full of themselves, loud, and obnoxious. Not uncommon behavior out in the world (and especially in any kind of competitive atmosphere you could amp up with alcohol), but when it’s people throwing axes as hard as they can in the same room as me? Not ashamed to say I attempted to narc them out to the staff, which only resulted in a weak scolding.

So, legitimately fun event, overpriced in my area, but ultimately “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” is still an open question and depends on how safely the establishment is run.





He must have bad genes for the likelihood of his own survival to be so low.


Wow. That’s a whole new level of “career-ending move”.


Mugger picks MMA fighter as target…


Poor excuse for a thief. Scrawny little guy with a cardboard gun.

She does a lot of damage with two punches and a kick.


Look! Someone built a 9’ tall snowman. I’ve got a truck! Let’s blow up the snowman with my truck! What could possible go wrong?

base of snowman was built around a big-ass tree stump


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I really wonder what the play was here. Like, seriously, who thinks driving their truck into some strangers lawn is just fine.


Well, somebody apparently. You don’t build a trap snowman unless you’ve had problems with snowman-vandals in the past.


I dunno. I don’t have vandalism problems, but if I wanted to impress someone with a nine foot snowman, I would probably cheat and put it on a solid base too.


Have you ever visited rural 'Murica?


We live in a country where people park their giant Ford trucks specifically to block electric vehicle charging stations, because hippies.


Sure, fortunately I’ve not really seen that much personally.

Not gonna lie, there is definitely a positive correlation between giant honking truck, and asshole.

Not all large SUV and truck drivers are like that, but pretty much all people who are drive large SUVs and trucks.


See also: Coal, Rolling


This. America is so full of selfish assholes it’s unreal. It’s great when I’m taking a walk (I’m on Oxygen) and some jerk in a pickup blows out a metric ton of black smoke right on me and laughs.