What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Timex is definitely at fault IMO.


I regret nothing!

This picture is real.


Bob: “Which house is yours?”

Dave: “The one that looks like a castle.”


Which led to this awesome architecture joke:

McMansion Hell:
hi i would like to propose a new cover for one of the great classics of contemporary aesthetics, (for the curious: this is a horrific failed luxury castle development in turkey)


If anyone is ever driving, biking and walking down the street and they encounter something like that, just get the hell out of there. You’ve just entered a horror movie.


Only in America could an atrocity like this be built. Good God, man. That’s hideous!
EDIT: Waitaminnit. That’s in Turkey?!?


For the Middle East rich it said.


Don’t worry, I’m sure some enthusiastic developer is plotting to have that whole development scooped up and transported to Texas or something.


I hate to say it, but I could see it being built around here. Lots of new development happening now.


That freaky faux chateaux fractal very much echos the unique natural landscape of Cappadocia, with the Fairy Chimneys and other volcanic stone features. (e.g.)


Tract housing for the rich?
I’m just not understanding who would want to live in one of those things, especially when they cost half a million each.


Nobody wants to live there, that’s the point.

But does anyone want to live in a $500K home squished up against another one, with a somewhat unusual architectural style? Sure, for instance the majority of residents of San Francisco.


Yeah, but from what I’ve seen, those homes in San Francisco are not hideous. There is a sane reason for them being there, and the architects did what they could within the budget they had at the time.

And by themselves, these mini-castles would not be so horrible. But that castle-like architecture was never meant for tract housing. I mean, an actual older tract house has far more charm than one of these castle-like things. Probably because they were not trying to be pretentious.


Well I didn’t really make it up. It was just in the original article.

When construction started in 2014, the Burj Al Babas was supposed to be a luxury residential retreat for wealthy investors from the Middle East.

I certainly don’t know enough about wealthy investors form the Middle East to say they would buy this or that, but… apparently neither did this group.


No, no. I’m not saying you made it up. My apologies if I gave that impression. I read it too.
My disbelief was in the fact that apparently there is such a thing as tract housing for the wealthy. Which just kind of blows my mind.
The fly-over video was surreal.


Oh I see what you mean. Yeah, I wouldn’t have guessed that either but… I’ve seen some really gaudy stuff from the people who claim to be rich. I suppose that can shift into housing too.


I would think of it less as housing and more like bulk money laundering opportunities.


My aunt bought a very nice (but small) house in an older Chicago neighborhood (same neighborhood I lived in as a kid), razed it, and built a giant McMansion on the lot. The yard is tiny because the house takes up like 90% of the lot.


Just to plug again: McMansion Hell is awesome.