What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


The best part about this is that the way each home is situated on the lot, the Juliet balconies, presumably for a bedroom, would offer a view directly into your neighbor’s window only a few feet away, unless you were the last house on the end (front right side of the picture). Then the flyover video makes it clear that there are houses built with no view or landscape offset, making it so that many of them are surrounded on all sides by other houses only feet away…so EVERY view from every window/balcony is of someone else’s house/balcony. Thus not only is it hideous architecture, it’s probably one of the worst urban planning jobs in the modern world.

How the hell did that company ever manage to get investors to get this off the ground?


I guess this goes here, but might also fit in P&R: US deploying a new category of low-yield missile warheads.


They are called A Little Bit Pregnant.


This is standard practice in the Monterey, California area. Because of water limitations new homes are at a minimum, so people with money buy older homes in a desired area and this tear 90% of it down and build new. As a remodel you retain the water rights. We used to vacation in Pacific Grove and over the years probably saw this happen a dozen times.


It really is. I had run across McMansion Hell a while back (possibly through Qt3, I can’t remember), and wound up spending an entire evening there. Really good analysis, supplemented with some great photos of examples.



Thanks for the link to the McMansion site. That was very entertaining. I’m relieved to see my standard suburban cookie-cutter house is a solid 3, and thus well within the “Chill” spectrum. Further back into our neighborhood though are some homes that would rate a solid 5, and we’ve got a neighborhood of 8/9’s about a mile from us that some of my daughter’s friends live in. My mind boggles every time I drive through that neighborhood. What were these people thinking?


Let’s try scam and threaten William Webster. What could possibly go wrong?