What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


I’m fairly certain that this would be the last thing you’d want, right? You accidentally set the distance for a couple feet farther than your arms can reach, and then you can never catch the stroller. Which would be hilarious, but probably only until the baby dies of starvation.


There are numerous problems with the stroller being in front. First off, how would you write the predictive algorithm for turning? If the person makes a left turn on a sidewalk while running, how does the stroller respond? I can envision several scenarios, but none very good. A trail position is inherently superior, from a control and locomotion perspective. Certainly not from a monitoring your stroller perspective.

The other thing is that stroller has a high center of gravity, and would be particularly prone to obstacles like roots and branches. That’s a personal preference thing, and one of critical importance to me, as I use our stroller to run with.


The bit at the end with the swing (which was hilarious) proves that ‘in front’ and ‘behind’ don’t matter because the stroller moves autonomously in both directions.


So what if it’s three feet in front of you and you stop at a crosswalk, at the curb, and it rolls out into traffic? People already do this holding the handle of the stroller.


I don’t know if I’m doing this thread right but I have a date for Saturday night.


As regards this thread, the possibilities are endless.


Do you plan on arriving to your date wearing a high powered laser, while riding in a self propelled stroller?


Ideally, of course, but I’ve only got till Saturday. I didn’t even leave myself time to schedule a haircut.


Well I’m pretty sure an industrial grade laser can cut hair, so you should be good ;)


See, that’s why I come here! In my excitement that wouldn’t have occurred to me!

(but seriously, I just got kinda excited and wanted to share that somewhere; being nervous and noticing this thread title again at the same time seemed like a humorous bit of serendipity)


Well best of luck to you, and hopefully the thread title is horribly inappropriate for the actual date description.


You should do what the guy in this story did.


Crossing the Atlantic in a homemade whale

“We’re going to go amongst them, film them, put on some whale noises and spout abit and see what happens. Then we’re off to New York”

Good luck, but it might not be a bad idea to have a backup plan out there.


Meals cooked in a coffee maker.

A simple coffee maker is little more than a means of making hot water, so surely you can utilize it in unique ways when you remove coffee from the equation. Today we’re trying to steam broccoli, cook hot dogs, and make that bowl of ramen with an ordinary coffee maker.

This feels like a “just because you can’t doesn’t mean you should” situation. On the other hand, I guess it could make for some interesting coffee flavors.


I mean, I’ve been in a situation where the only “cooking” tool I could sneak into a dorm was an electric kettle. Could make tea, if course, but also Ramen, oatmeal, etc.


Were you making ramen and oatmeal inside the electric kettle? I think that’s the key difference: pouring water from the kettle onto ramen/oatmeal/whatever versus brewing the food inside of it.


I used to know someone who, at least on one occasion, made instant noodles inside the kettle. And jli remember reading in some tabloid newspaper about a student who ate nothing but noodles made in a kettle.

If it was the kind with the element in the water I imagine it was a pain to clean.


A coffee maker is basically a slow-cooker.


Company Creates Gun That Looks Like a Cellphone (via Slashdot)

The pseudo-smartphone-turned-gun is a .380 caliber pistol that Kjellberg told NBC News is about the size of a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone with a protective case.

NBC News reports that the Department of Homeland Security has contacted Kjellberg about the pistol, and he planned to provide officials with X-rays of the gun so airport screeners can tell the difference between the product and a cellphone.


Amateur Scientist Builds Thermite Grenade Cannon (via Slashdot)

Think of all the daily uses for one around the house!