What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


You could use that around the house. Once.


I had friend who spotted termite nest in his garden once. He dug hole into it, poured lighter fluid, threw in a lighted match. It went boom… and it was grass, soil, termites everywhere.


It seems, from further research, that he’s firing thermite into a bunch of fireworks in that gif. His name is Colin Furze and he is certifiably insane. His youtube channel has much more.

Think of all the daily uses for one around the house!


Belarusian singer Ivan plans to take next month’s Eurovision Song Contest by storm – performing completely naked with a wolf at his side (via Dave Barry)

Better hope that wolf isn’t hungry.


I’d say the training is going well.


Until he runs out of sausages.


Well, getting down to his last sausage is going to be the tipping point.

When he’s [I]really[/I] out of sausages, things have already gone pretty wrong.


Nope. Nothing wrong here.


Can’t wait for the Chinese knockoffs with the batteries that explode in midair.


Best YT comment on that one: “Needs more pumpkin bombs.”


There’s going to be a lot of cheap beer at Friday’s Houston Dash game.

Head coach Randy Waldrum and the Houston Dash have teamed up to purchase beers for the first 1,000 fans age 21 and older at Friday night’s match against the Chicago Red Stars at BBVA Compass Stadium (kickoff: 7:30 p.m. CT).

Friday’s match also features the Bud Light Houston Dash Beer Garden. Fans can purchase a Beer Garden ticket package, which includes a game ticket and two pre-game drinks, for only $16.

It’s not quite 10-cent beer night, but it sure seems like they may be playing with fire. This is the NWSL, though, so the crowd will likely be small enough to keep under control.


There is a minor league baseball team that does this in town. The Mallards, they have the “Duck Blind” where you play I think under 40 bucks for all you can eat/drink. And, if I remember, the beer was pretty good when I went. Local microbreweries. That was a lot of fun, especially with a DD there to cart us all home. He got to eat a lot of free hot dogs, so, that was good right?


Only if you hate his digestive system.


Hatchet throwing and beer.

The idea for the first indoor hatchet throwing venue in the United States, which opened earlier this month, was homegrown by two couples…“We just felt there was a kind of need for this type of a business"…

Now, I might have thrown a hatchet or two in my time, and there might have been beer involved. But it sure seems like asking for trouble to make it a business.

And how about this for marketing?

“We were at a light going on Route 35 and the guy next to us was yelling at someone, so I jumped out — he had a beard, he looked like our type of client — I said, ‘I have something for you,’ gave him a sticker, and said, ‘have you ever thrown a hatchet?’”


It seems weird that the article doesn’t explain why exactly this is his 20 year old dream.


ProPublica makes database to identify doctors who overprescribe opioids. People use database to find doctors who will prescribe them opioids.


A man will attempt to skydive 25,000 feet from a plane while NOT wearing a parachute or wingsuit. Plans to land safely in a net held 20 stories in the air by two cranes.

On live TV. Fox, of course.


As the old saying goes about the famous last words ‘Hey, watch this!’

Except on national TV.


It’s a great trick… but I can only do it once.


Video of the jump and the result.
I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t yet seen it: