What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


The title spoils it. But interesting all the same. I was following this weeks ago & came back from a few days of camping. Glad you posted this.


Ah, damn.


Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport now has a Kalashnikov gift shop. That’s Kalashnikov. The gun maker.

They sell replica Kalashnikov firearms in the gift shop. In the airport.




That’s amazing.



Our entire political landscape for the past year could be in this category as well.


[quote]A trapeze artist whose husband is daredevil Nik Wallenda is planning her own stunt high above Niagara Falls.
Five years after Nik Wallenda walked over the falls on a high wire, aerialist Erendira Vasquez Wallenda plans to dangle by her teeth from a helicopter as it flies over the American side of Niagara Falls.[/quote]
Amazing the crazy stuff people get up to.



Who knew that thin pieces of paper were flammable?


“You can totally shoot at me with that Desert Eagle and as long as you hit this book, I’ll be okay!”


I don’t think I could convict on this one.

For her prison sentence, I’d substitute anyone who uses “vlog” unironically.


And the Darwin Award goes to…


Too late. She’s pregnant.


They already have a three year old daughter and the girlfriend is currently pregnant. What a mess.


I suspect she actually will be convicted. Having someone consent to you shooting then doesn’t make it ok. At an absolute minimum you’d have suffering like negligent homicide, but it could be worse, given they could likely argue that any reasonable person would know that you can’t stop a bullet with a book most of the time.

Regardless, hopefully their kids will be taken by the state, as she is clearly unfit to be a parent.



Oh geezus. Those poor kids.


I mean… paper WILL stop a lot more than you think it would, but a .50 AE at 1 foot?

I mean… it’s literally on Youtube using that exact gun.

I’m betting he didn’t have 12 of those phonebooks in front of him.


I bet they used Foucault’s Pendulum. Someone told them it was impenetrable.

Too soon?