What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


If I were swimming that close to the world’s largest land predator, I’d best less worried about the WLLP and more about my enormous set of brass balls dragging me down.


Genetic manipulation, no chance of ending up with something unexpected!


Well it was nice knowing our Quarter To Three posters from Britain, while they were still with us.


Room 101.


What’s the worst that could happen? You just have to defeat them in battle and you’ll level up a couple times and gain a perk. It’s a win-win.


Yes-yes, good idea this is.


I went looking for Skaven in London, but came up empty handed.




It’s amazing that he got caught by another surgeon who did a follow up surgery on one of his patients. More proof that we are in one of the more fucked up timelines in the multiverse. Michael Moorcock eat your heart out.


“What can we put on YouTube this week?”
“Let’s barbeque a live rattlesnake!”
“Nah, been done.”
“Ok, what about hanging from a 32 story building from our fingertips?”
“Why don’t you hold a book up to your chest and I’ll shoot you with -”
“Nope, done.”
“Dayum. Right, I’ll stick my head in a microwave and turn it on!!”
“Great idea, only it won’t turn on if the door is still open.”
“You’re right… I KNOW! I’ll cement my head in there instead!”
“Fucking gold! Let’s do it!”


Maybe I need to re-read the article, but I’m still not clear on what their goal was with that stunt. What were they trying to do?


I am surer every day that the police, fire department and ER doctors should, in certain cases, refuse to help idiots. Just tell them, “Sorry. Our hands are tied. You’re on your own.”


I have never before felt the need to use this particular emoticon, but in this case…




Trying to make a mold of his head without a mold?

Literally the only thing I can think of that even tangentially makes sense.


Get hits on youtube.


I’ve always envied people who could seemingly ignore dizzying heights. Until now. God gave us vertigo for a reason. Don’t ignore it.


Yeah, I used to do lots of stupid, crazy climbing when I was young. But stunts? No way.


I can’t find it anymore but I thought this one video I saw was fascinating, pretty sure it was a TED talk or something. Or maybe something on NPR.

Human beings aren’t made to go really, really fast, because we can’t run all that fast. So our brains don’t understand the sort of danger we’re in when we drive really fast, because it’s all horizontal. Maybe that’s good or no one would be comfortable driving.

But our brains “get” falling. If you fall from up here, you’ll go really, really fast and hit the ground very hard. We instinctively know that heights are dangerous. We “get” that sort of speed. If you fall from about 13 stories up you’ll hit the ground at 60mph. We drive that all the time like it’s no big deal.

I’ve just always found this interesting since this fellow/woman brought it up. Wish I could remember it. I think they suggested planting a giant spike/spearhead in the middle of your steering wheel pointing directly at your heart to give yourself the same amount of fear per speed as you imagine for heights.