What do the Nintendo 3DS and vampire movies have in common?

Title What do the Nintendo 3DS and vampire movies have in common?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When June 6, 2011

Fifteen years ago, Abel Ferrara made a low-budget black-and-white vampire movie called The Addiction, with Lili Taylor and Annabella Sciorra. I figured I'd go see it. On the way to the theater, I had one of those fish sandwiches from McDonalds..

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I bought Ridge Racer 3D, and I think it's all right. (You might say the best thing about it is that it got me to try Dirt 3, which in turn got me interested in Dirt 2.) The 3D is a bit wonky, though -- I think the angle between the in-game cameras is set too large, which makes the 3D difficult to resolve correctly, especially on objects in the foreground, like the car. It drives home to me that, no matter how good the 3D hardware is, there are still plenty of ways for the software to implement it poorly.

Battery life notwithstanding, I think the rest of the hardware is all right. Nintendo really messed up the launch, though. There's really nothing compelling on offer at all, and I'm not convinced Nintendo's going to create a vibrant downloadable market for the platform. They should have had Ocarina of Time ready for launch -- I do not care to play that game again at all, but it's a selling point vastly superior to anything currently available.

Pilotwings Resort needs the analog stick. Awesome game. Ridge Racer is a snooze and it's ugly.

Tom, Dead or Alive Dimensions. I don't know how'd you pull off some of the moves without the analog stick. I love my 3DS and the 3D, which doesn't make me sick, but yeah, it isn't really necessary for any of the games. Like, terpiscorei, my one real complaint is battery life. Which would be less of a problem except that for 3 hours of life, it takes 3 hours to recharge.

I borrowed a 3DS to try out Splinter Cell 3D (obviously with the 3D off), and it made me reinstall the PC version. That game demands a much wider viewing angle than the cramped little 3DS version offers (which could easily have been accomplished on the platform itself... very odd) and at least analog aiming. They could have controlled the movement speed with a slider on the touchscreen. Using the mouse scroll wheel & WASD worked well on the PC version.

In any case, much as Ridge Racer got someone playing DiRT 2/3, I'm back to playing Splinter Cell 3 on PC & living happily without a 3DS. Wake me when Ocarina of Time comes out, if it's any better a translation than Chaos Theory turned out to be.

Like I said some months ago, the 3DS's launch lineup being anemic is no surprise to me. What would have dropped my jaw is if it had been compelling in any way. That would have been a feat no console or handheld has yet managed for me.

laughed my ass off at the title.

I went through a Lili Taylor phase in the late 90s.

The Addiction slapped me out of it.