What do the Palistinian elections teach us?


Simple - democracy works …

… but that having something ‘work’ means very different things depending on your point of view.


Corrupt, autocratic regimes that bring nothing but ruin to their peoples do not survive free elections in any territory. As in many places before Palestine (Algeria comes quickly to mind), the voters will rally around whichever opposition party promises to do better. That party’s politics are irrelevant; Algerians voted for GIA despite total opposition to its platform, simply to be rid of the corrupt and self-perpetuating FLN. The majority of Palestinians support peace with Israel in the context of a two-state solution, but voted for Hamas regardless, just to be rid of Fatah’s jackals.

Hamas will learn, as have the mullahs in Iran, that their people did not vote for their party’s radical charter when they swept them into power.

I feel like winning this election for Hamas will have the same effect as when the Three Men and a baby group had the infant left on their doorstep. It’s a lot harder to be crazy when you suddenly have a ton more day to day responsibilities. Now they have to keep the power on along with trying to kill everyone.

I don’t think the mullahs are learning much of anything right now.

Except having 40 virgins delivered to their beds every month.

I also don’t see much learning going on in Iran, what with the nuclear build-up and the complete lunatic (latest threat: “We’ve got missiles! Piss off, Britain!”) running the country now.

Iran is a lot more secular than the government would indicate.

Spot on.

The Palestinian elections taught me the metric system. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Is that why Fatah won all of the elections before this one? There’s got to be more going on there than a happy story about “throw the corrupt bums out”; this isn’t Palestine’s first mostly fair election.

The only election Fatah won was the first election. That was in 1996. This is only the second election.

Corrupt, autocratic regimes that bring nothing but ruin to their peoples do not survive free elections in any territory.

I can think of one exception. Zing!

Oh, didn’t know they’ve only had two. Wasn’t Fatah basicalliy running the place before then, though?

As I understand it, Arafat had a lot of goodwill built up among the Palestinians, and Fatah was in power basically on the strength of that goodwill.

Also, Hamas, which has always been the only serious contender against Fatah refused to run in the previous election.


Allow me to retort:

PS. Interracial best friends forever! Yay!

Oooh, Mugabe. That guy really is a cancer. I’m amazed someone hasn’t offed him by now.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Now Hamas will be expected to have results, as they just can’t sit on the sidelines throwing bombs and avoiding responsibility by claiming they have no power in the government.