What do those rocks symbolize to people?

At Target this morning when I went to pick up some Valentines day candy for my daughter, there were several women gathered around the jewelery counter checking out rings and earings and such. I’m sure there’s a spike in wondering what the S/O (real or fantasized about) will get them for the special day.

What does a woman find so appealing about jewelery anyway. If someone gave me a $2000.00 piece of pretty rock I’d see a lost opportunity for a HDTV and two of the three next gen consoles.

A woman sees it and sees what? I have no idea. Is it the idea that her happiness in having said practicly worthless after purchasing at retail bauble and me giving up the aformentioned HDTV with the next gen goodies what brings her happiness?

Why can’t I just promise that I really love her and buy myself some nice electronics that we both can enjoy and get the same reaction?

Someone dig up the blood diamond thread.

Many women are conditioned to want diamonds. Me personally, If I want a pretty rock, it would be a ruby emerald or sapphire.

Why? Why do people wear jewelery at all? Adornment, decoration, etc. We’re like ravens, we like the shinies.

Conspicuous consumption. You can afford to consume pointless rocks without suffering negative changes in lifestyle, and are therefore better, stronger, faster, more virile and most deserving of having your gene seed preserved.

To quote:

You’re not really serious about this are you? Why not ask why a woman likes to get flowers, or any gift that takes money from you and doesn’t give you pleasure?

A woman sees exactly what it is: An indication that you were willing to sacrifice something you might have wanted for yourself for something you thought she would want instead. Why do you think there’s any more inherent “value” in sitting around and looking at a pretty HDTV than sitting around and looking at a pretty rock?

They’re both frivolous things that have absolutely no necessity or utility in the process of living yet make the owner happy.

It also signifies some sort of success on the buyer’s part. That’s he able to afford some totally useless, but very pretty item to entice the baser parts of the woman’s brain. Who wouldn’t want to be with a man who can afford a diamond, surely then he can afford to take care of me.

Reality sadly differs from this though.

Gimme a break. Diamonds only prove how powerful advertisement and peer pressure are, and how retarded and gullible people are. Fuck diamonds and Star Wars. Ooh, I know! The gift of a diamond will show you how much you can swallow your pride and reason to impress her friends! True love!

Meh, I like diamonds.

Read it.

And that was written back in 1982. Diamonds are even less rare now (hell, you can just make them these days).

A HDTV ? It will be scrap in less than a decade. No long term value at all.

However, if you buy a good piece of jewellery or similar high value goods they will be worth the same or more in a decade. If I’m going to blow loads of money on a high value item I favour antique silver or platinum jewellery, and very nice watches, and you avoid the massive scam that is the diamond trade.

Very nice (mechanical) watches need annual costly maintenance, though.

Ah true. Leather strap replacement is expensive too.

I like flowers and rocks. Diamonds, as Athryn noted, are a fucking scam. I wouldn’t trust any woman who wanted anything other than a synthetic diamond.

I think diamonds are moronic but I think you could apply the same scrutiny to the question of “why do men like breasts” and come up with the exact same kinds of answers.

If you actually think about breasts for a minute you will realize that they don’t “do” anything for men…that is, for adult males they don’t serve any practical purpose. They just sit there. They’re basically just a container for fat with a knob on the end. It makes zero sense that anybody would be interested in them but the fact is that men love em.

Obviously they’re a symbol of success. When you have access to boobs you’re a successful male that can get a sex partner.

When women get a ring they know they’re a successful female that can get access to men that have money to spend on them.

I’m sure that the excessively scientific among us will explain how these are evolutionary something-or-the-others that developed as a way to blah blah blah because of survival yadda virility/child bearing/procreation blah.


Personally I see it as evidence that we’re all depraved idiots that have a hard time understanding things.

I bought the Mrs. a one-hour massage for Valentine’s.

A woman sees exactly what it is: An indication that you were willing to sacrifice something you might have wanted for yourself for something you thought she would want instead.

Not to dig up the blood diamond thread again, but this is exactly the retarded, backward thinking that DeBeers has instilled into you.

Let me put it another way, if a person requires that I sacrifice monetarily to show them my love, they’re shallow and foolish. I apply this universally, without exception. Diamonds are especially bad because there is virtually no way outside of branded artificially created diamonds to know for sure that your little piece of rock was not dug up by a hobbled slave. Supporting this industry as is, is morally reprehensible, shameful and wrong. Those gawking women are ignorant sheep that have bought into the (incredibly recent) artificial meme that diamonds are a girls best friend/forever/symbolic of anything/whatever. Nuts to the whole business.

Close enough. Our social structure evolved in such a way that we have no outward clue as to when our women are in heat. This gives them some reproductive control, and thus control of their mating. Big boobs are almost certainly simply one of those “random” sexual things that somebody somewhere decided where great, this spread as memes do to others, and we began selecting for them. Note that many cultures have not undergone this evolutionary pressure and have very different looks to their breasts.

Gift-giving establishes trust. In order to fulfill this role, the gift must be useless or nearly useless in certain senses.

Hence, diamond rings.

Mathematical proof that women need stupid expensive baubles instead of HDTVs.

Yeah I’ve seen that shit on the Travel Channel and holy hopping flapjacks I’m glad we picked the right tits.



I added a winky here so that I don’t seem to be racist against tribal peoples with substandard boobs.

You can apply the same sort of logic to a LOT of the things we purchase.

Why do we want/need:

A BMW instead of a Hyundai?
New/Expensive/Stylish clothes instead of basics?
An X-Box 360 instead of an X-Box (or PS-1)?
An attractive spouse instead of a less attractive one (even if/when the latter is better in other ways)?

In each of these cases, there is little direct utilitarian advantage of the first over the second - it’s mainly a status thing (for others and/or our own ego).

As others have stated, there are probably biological drivers for a lot of these things.

Apart from the clothes (and possibly the spouse, if looks really are the only difference) objective arguments could be made as to why one is better than the other (whether they’re so much better as to warrant the added cost is another matter and a very hard argument to make).
I find this hard with diamonds and other rocks which only serve a ornamental role and only has a percieved rarity.

Even the aforementioned HDTV makes more sense.
But of course we don’t give gifts for utility but to make the reciever happy. So if something useless to us makes the person we love happy - so what. My wife gave me diving equipment even though that means she’ll be stuck on some beach with the kids for a whole day, when we go on holiday. So if she’d like a rock, why the fuck not?! (but there would be things, I’d refuse to give even though it would make somebody happy… like every crappy Disney/barbie thing my daughter wants)