What do you call it when you introduce your article

Have you ever seen an article introduced by a line of poetry or lyrics from a song? What do you call that? Typically you see this sort of thing done in books, sometimes at the start of each chapter and other times at the start of the book. Typically the poetry or song adds some deeper level of meaning to what you’re reading. I am pretty sure there is a specific word for using a lyric or poem this way, but can rememeber what it is. Is it epigraph?



“Street Cred”

Stephen King.

I don’t belive any of those answers are correct.

BrewersDroop’s is most definitely 100% correct.

Who thinks Steven King is ostentatious.


I love how the original poster knew the answer but was too lazy to look it up at dictionary.com yet spent the time to post about it. So then Xtien has to come in with a link to the answer that Bull already knew.

If that was a limit of posting here QT3 would be a wasteland.

Pardon me for being so ostentatious! :)

Fixed. :)

Misquote, ya bastard! Misquote!