What do you get when you mix Pleasentville with Dawn of the Dead?

(yes I’m on a zombie kick) A movie coming out in the spring called FIDO is just this. Its a world where the zombie threat was met and tamed. Its “mostly” a comedy and said to be aiming for a pg-13 rating. Should be interesting to see if they pull it off.

Here are some photos:


Watch the trailer.

So it’s essentially the sequel to Shaun of the Dead?

I didn’t get a chance to see this at the Toronto Film festival but it was apparently a big hit. I mean, come on, Billy Connelly plays a zombie.

Looks to me like a good premise that runs out of steam before the trailer ends.

When will we get to see this in the Statez?

That’s how it struck me, too. Take the end of Shaun of the Dead and turn it into a movie. We’ll know if “ripoff” is the appropriate word based on how good the actual movie is, I guess.

Or the comedy version of They Came Back. Actually that probably would’ve been better.

Also, PG-13? Fuck that.