What do you mean I can't play and sing at the same time?!?!

OK so we have been rocking the Beatles Rock Band since yesterday. My wife is a great singer but is shy of performing, so has only sung privately with us. Hearing her work on busting out improv Beatlemania vocals is incredibly awesome :-) And our guitar/singing performance on Do You Want To Tell A Secret is #6 on my friends list now, which bodes well if that’s only our second night of owning the game!

HOWEVER. It seems that you can’t sign in as yourself to two different instruments. Is this so??? I want to play guitar and sing, motherfuckers, and get credit for it. What you mean I can’t be a one-man band?! Or am I just missing how this works in the interface?

I desire extra super double-performance bonuses, for Pete’s sake. (Whoever Pete is. St. Peter or something?)

To play two instruments at once, you just have to create another account or sign in the second instrument as “guest” and go from there.

You’re far from the first person to want this, and Harmonix has acknowledged that building in some kind of legitimate voxtar tracking is something they wish they could address. But how could the game ever realistically confirm that it’s not two different people doing the singing and playing? Until someone solves that problem, having one account for two instruments at once just falls way down their to-do list.

Thanks, that’s the kind of quality answer you only get on Qt3.

“Guest”, huh? Do scores including a non-Live account still get tracked on my friends leaderboard? If so, then I can live with that. Does the game track what band members generated which high scores? If I can notch up a high score with “Rodeolio” on guitar and “Rodeolios_Voice” (bogus guest account) on vox, that’s fine with me… I’ll know I wasn’t cheating :-)

(Also, does anyone here roll it voxtar style?)

I can make it to the last tier of songs in Rock Band 2 playing expert guitar and expert vocals, but I can’t get through Painkiller or the Dream Theater song. I’m a much better guitar player than singer, so I had to bail myself out pretty often, but I did it. I’ve never tried singing and drumming at the same time, but I bet that’s even harder. On songs that you don’t know so well they are a part of you, it’s tough. If you’re a Beatles fan and are playing the Beatles, it will probably go smoothly, but when you’re a normal human being and have to play something like Rob the Prez-o-dent, it’s a lot harder.

I’m a much better singer than guitarist. I’ll sight read the vocal part of song I know and just focus on the guitar. If I don’t know the song much stumbling ensues unless there’s enough repetition to get back into the groove by the third verse or so.

I play a lot of what I like, and do a little Sir Paul in Beatles with bass and vocals. Not much for progression, gold stars or expert/expert.

It’s not the Olympics, people who want to get a friend and pretend they are playing and singing at the same time should be able to, if that’s what it takes to be able to play and sing at the same time.

Also, treble clef and notes option for vocals!

To be clear: People can play and sing at the same time right now. They just have to do one part under a “guest” or another profile, that’s all. The only thing at stake here is whether or not the game should build in some kind of “kudos” for you doing two parts at the same time. Maybe some kind of leaderboard for those doing two instruments at once. They have the system in place for you to do two parts at once, but just get credit for one of them, whichever part you choose to do under your main profile.

I’m not in until I can play drums and guitar at the same time.

I played the endless setlist in RB1 on vox/bass expert. Would have taken guitar if not for GGAHT, too risky. Bass felt like cheating.

I find it to be significantly harder than voxtar on most songs, and I’m a much better drummer than I am guitarist. I can pull it off on songs that I would normally be able to sing on Expert though (I’m not much of a singer to begin with so this isn’t a large list). It’s mostly a matter of whether I can sing the song without needing to pay any attention to the vocal chart or not, whereas with the voxtar I can usually manage to focus on both charts at the same time.

If Phil Collins could do it, then we should all be able to do it. Right?