What do you remember that shows your age?


My first memory is of the Moon landing. I wasn’t even 2 yet, but I remember it because everyone was so interested in it (and our next door neighbor worked for NASA, and was in the astronaut program until they discovered he had a heart issue and he was grounded).


I also remember the Original Pop Rocks, and all the myths that came after:

Also, when this was a thing:


I remember when the city of the future would be covered by a dome.


That was the plan, but the flying cars kept crashing into it.


I used to go to school days and work nights. When I had papers do I would stop by my parents office (they ran a company) and use my mothers typewriter. So I would be there from midnight to whenever I finished.


They show what appears to be an electric train way down below, at the same time they’ve got diesel semi’s in the next tunnel up. I tell, you, I’d hate to be in that tunnel if the air purifier ever broke down. I’m amazed that made it into the concept. I mean, electric trains were already a thing. Could nobody imagine electric transportation of goods?

Or was this something that was supposed to go into effect quickly?


I remember a time when the future was full of hope and optimism. That really dates me, I think.


I remember when science fiction was full of hope and optimism instead of all the dystopian stuff we get now. I think that dates me too.


Like 1951? 1968? Or 1975? :)


I remember when we had two English TV channels and one French, which you had to get up and turn the channel knob, which was broken so you used pliers, for many years.


The movie “Stand by me” – damn my eyes.


And Mark – science fiction? Chuck Heston was screaming at the statue of liberty and I think that was dystopian.


And only five years later he was screaming that Soylent Green was people.


Bah. I counter your Chuck Heston with Santa Claus Conquering the Martians. Now that’s optimism!


My Favorite Martian for $100, Alex.


Any optimistic feeling is negated by the indroduction of Pia Zadora.


People dressing up when they would fly. It was a big event.


I still believe in dressing a little nicer for dinner on a cruise ship. Hell, if there’s a formal night I’ll even rent a tux.

But I’m old.


Oh sure. Shirt and tie at the very least. And a full suit for the fine dining restaurant. Just that once.


This is one of those west coast = best coast things because I will dress up for exactly jack and shit, and jack just left town.