What do you remember that shows your age?


It’s a Northeast thing than. Cause In Florida? Yeah, we don’t do that.

Rich don’t count because he is really a New Yorker.


Ha, yeah. The north easterners I’ve talked too are all ‘adult men can’t wear shorts!’

Midwesterners and west coasters are all ‘hell yeah, shorts!’

A bit stuffy up there, if you ask me.


So you dress up… for shit?


Eeeew…by your logic then, what does that make the “jack” that he dresses up for?



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Yes, and now I’m glad it’s November in Wisconsin, so when I get on a plane dressed for a business trip, I won’t have a guy in shorts and flip-flops sitting next to me.




Oh, so that was you Jason?

If I’m going to be loaded like sardines, may as well be the least uncomfortable I can.


Cruise ships usually have one formal night because the captain and officers participate, and many of the guests enjoy it. If you don’t want to participate, cool. But it’s not that hard to wear long pants and a collared shirt otherwise. It’s long past the time when a jacket and tie was required, unless maybe you’re on the QEII. No idea how the Brits run things on that ship.

I think the women drive a lot of this. It’s the women who often like to wear the little black dress and enjoy seeing the men in slightly more formal attire. Not all women, but quite a few of them, from my experience. Men might groan about it but the women say, c’mon, it’s only one night.


I actually enjoy not dressing like a slob one night every few years.


So, those were your dirty feet? Thanks for a great three hours.


Formal night(s) on cruises generally mean slacks, long sleeve shirt, and a sport coat. No ties, as they are the work of the devil. Certainly, that changes if we plan to go to the separate formal dining restaurant (if there is one). But for just the main dining room(s), never a tie. I’ll wear everything else - just not the tie.


Shorts on planes are fine. I prefer actual shoes over flip flops or sandals, but as long as I’m not smelling feet, I don’t care. I’m usually too wrapped up in movies or TV shows anyway.


Carryon size luggage leaves no room for my suit. That is my excuse. And I lived in the north east and I rather be comfortable on the plane than not.

I would wear business causal usually.


You are missing the opportunity to have fun with it! Nearly all my ties are non-serious ones covered with crocodiles, dinosaurs or dogs. Sadly I don’t get to wear them in Darwin much at all, it’s just way too hot.


I did that back when I had to wear ties for work. I’d rather be able to breathe.


You’re tying them too tight! ;) Actually I find it’s not the tie, it’s the top button that does it; just unbutton that after the tie is done and it’s a lot more comfortable, I find.


Get your neck measured so you can buy shirts with the right collar size. It makes a huge difference in your comfort when wearing a tie.


I usually do, but hypothetically speaking if you were to pack your shirt without thinking, for example, and then say take it out on a ship thousands of miles from anywhere a week later, only to realise the collar is too tight, it may be necessary to improvise. In theory.


Pfft. Third world problems.