What do you remember that shows your age?


I remember that the first computer game I ever played was “Lunar Lander” on an IBM System 360 printer terminal in the university library.


I remember when Pong first made it’s appearance in bars in the New York area.


I remember playing with pictures (similiar to color in by numbers with colored pencils) but this type had a powder you would sprinkle into sections. You peeled out a sticky section and poured the powder in. I thought it was so neat making pictures that way as a young kid.

How about making a picture in crayons and then put black crayon on top of your picture which you would then scratch off. Made cool pictures. That was the rage back in 1st grade in 1965.


I remember drawing directly onto the television


Oh yeah. They had a kit with a plastic overlay for the screen and ‘special’ crayons that you could buy. I just drew on the screen with my crayons. They wiped right off.


Wow, the Winky Dink stuff reminded me of a vintage TV we saw recently. We went on a house tour in a subdivision that was built in the 1950s with cool, pre-fab houses that were very modernistic. Mid-century Modern they call it now.

Anyway, a lot of the folks living there decorated in Mid-Century Modern, and one even had this awesome black and white TV that was still working.

They had an episode of Lassie playing as we toured the house. It was really cool.


The first TV may parents bought looked just like that. I think it was made by Zenith. They had it until I was about 6 or 7 years old.


I remember when pretty much all TVs were made by Zenith.


I remember when RCA meant electronics and not Root Cause Analysis. Plus the little dog and the phonograph symbol.


50 Quatloos if you can tell me the little dog’s name (no Googling or other (cheating, please).



Oh, and “His master’s voice”.


And the man wins a cigar!


Man…I’d take a cigar!


Believe it or not, but the clothes dryer that came with the house I bought 16 years ago (and still live in today) was an RCA…yes, THAT RCA…brand clothes dryer. Still works great.





I had a Fireball XL5 Lunch Box for school.

Captain Scarlet on Channel 5 in Brooklyn or was it Channel 11 (WPIX).

Chuck McCann Show (Chuck probably most famous for those Right Guard commercials)

Of course when you get old you run the risk of having already mentioned something before or not remembering if it was already mentioned. And just toooo tried to look.


I was playing a little memory game with my lil sister, she’s about 10 years younger than I am, trying to see what I remember that she doesn’t. 10 years is a bit of a gap and a lot o the household stuff she does remember… Except there were some events

The end of the Berlin Wall
There was a huge oil spill in Alaska, Exxon
A deep terror of AID/HIV was developing, daily talks about it, in the news all the time
Congress freaking out about Mortal Kombat
The whole animal shift, pushing against furs, no ivory
It feels silly saying it but i watched the first episodes of the Simpsons, when it aired… which has been going on forever.

As a kid a lot of my memories are around household things like modems, lip phones, 50 foot phone cords and the arrival of SNES and Game Boy but when people mention these world type events, I really can say, yeah i remember stuff about that.


Do you remember the newspaper strike? McCann would read the comics dressed in character. His Little Orphan Annie still cracks me up.


I’m old, but not quite old enough to remember the wall being built. However, I do remember when this photo of an East German soldier escaping to West Berlin was big news:



Oh wow. I didn’t know. You know what this reminds me of, when the North Korean soldiers escaped recently. That might be in a do you remember sort of thing decades from now, especially if the war actually officially ends at some point.