What do you remember that shows your age?


I’ll pass that on, thanks. :)


Single cruises and board game cruises and Star Trek cruises do sound fun… but then I think about all the unexpected events and realize that you’re trapped on a boat, and if you don’t like it… too bad. Unless you’re one of the “lucky” ones that just falls overboard, then I guess you have an out.


I have several friends who have done cruises and all have loved them. I haven’t heard one bad thing, except for people complaining about the weight they put on. I have tried to talk the wife into a cruise, to be honest a short one because I don’t know if I could handle one too long, but as a non-swimmer she has always refused.

We are looking at maybe a Euro river cruise in 2020 though.


We’ve been on half a dozen and love them. Every friend who resisted that we eventually convinced to give it a try came back a convert.


That Buck Owens was ‘a grinnin’…😢


Most of them are just families having vacations. The ship stuff can be mostly relaxing with some shows at night. Play bingo during the day, go to a hypnosis seminar, etc.

What’s nice about a cruise is you get in your cabin, unpack, and you have no real worries until the cruise is done. No, where do we go today, what restaurant do we go out to dinner at tonight, etc. You get to a port of call and you go off and do something fun, maybe just finding a beach for awhile or taking a shore excursion.

Stuff like a bunch of dudes running amuck is really rare. There are probably 100+ cruise ships sailing every day all over the world. There aren’t all that many with bad things happening.

They all have morgues, though. People die. Every year some passengers simply disappear, probably somehow overboard. There is a certain amount of crime reported, including sexual assault. You have a few million people cruising each year and stuff is going to happen.

They can also be vectors for disease due to the close quarters. Hard to avoid that, though most people sail without any issues.


OH I totally get the appeal of this part which is why I would do a resort again, even an all inclusive one. It’s almost the same thing minus the stuck on a boat piece. Sure you don’t have like multiple country kind of excursions but they do have them.

When I went to my tropical resort last year, unpacking once, staying there for days and just wondering to the restaurant or a show, the beach or the pool… yeah that was cool. No Bingo though. heh.


The only cruise I ever liked was one on the yangzee river. That was interesting. Go up to the 3 Gorges Dam, see Shanghai for a bit. I think that new giant God of War statue is on the river as well.

I have some family friends that LOVE cruises so I’ve been to a few. They like it so much they even just go for the weekend, all they do is go to international waters for a bit. I am not a fan. Seems to be for people who like to drink and who like to be catered by underpaid exploited international staff, and not have to make decisions about where to eat or how to get to the restaurant.

If I ever went with some real friends and brought boardgames, that would be fun…


One of the reasons we like having a travel trailer is that we can be out for a couple weeks, visit several states and parks, and yet each night we return to our own little home with our bed.

The hit and miss of staying in hotels


Everyone loves those Viking cruises. The river cruises are probably better than the ocean if you prefer meeting people and visiting the cities. There’s still a lot of ocean travel on the Ocean cruise.

Also, i get probably 1-2 Viking cruise brochures a week. Or at least that’s how it seems.

However part of my fun for travel is spontaneity and randomness. I like winging it, like things being imperfect. I’d much rather rent a car or take public transport or hike my way around. I feel claustrophobic on cruise ships. The river cruises appeal but I still feel too young for them. Maybe in 10-15 years.

I do want a travel trailer eventually. Just don’t have time to use it.

  • home chemistry kits
  • my hopes, dreams and wishes based around the toy section of a catalogue
  • that moment when the underwear section of the catalogue became interesting
  • 3 TV channels
  • ceefax/oracle teletext.
  • box batteries with springs on top
  • repeats of b&w flash gordon/little rascals/serials in regular TV programming
  • Lassie was a star
  • our first VHS remote control was wired
  • that friend who had betamax
  • olive oil only available in small bottles from chemists
  • child safety was taught via public information films that scared the SHIT out of you



Olive oil wasn’t widely available.



And now I know! That’s weird to me. It seems ever present from my perspective, though it is more popular now than when I was young


That boggles the mind. It’s been around for… so long. Olive oil is an ancient thing.

I’ve not heard of that in the US, although I am more selective these days of what I buy because of all the faux olive oil out there.


Grade 4 I think, I was allowed to stay up on Thursday nights from 10 to 11 to watch Kolchak, The Night Stalker. The understanding I couldn’t complain of being tired the next morning or complain about bad dreams. I was the center of attention the next day at school where everyone wanted to know what happened as no one else was allowed to watch :)


Olive oil is becoming a big dollar thing around here. Between here and the coast there are several craft olive oil places, some that even feature olive oil tasting. I have never done that. But we have places around us that have 10-12 different flavored oils, from garlic to jalapeno.


My local Sainsbury’s does single producer Tuscan & Greek kalamata oils on their own finest range, an Italian PDO and a Palestinian fairtrade which is really nice too.


I’m gonna be honest, I’ve gone to places that have tasting bars for olive oil and vinegars? I love that stuff. It can be pricey, so I only get those kinds for rare occasions.


We want to do one too. From what I’ve read you can even get off, rent a bike, and keep pace with the ship for a day if you feel like biking it. That’s appealing to me.